Did Stephen A Smith Just Become The New Syracuse Football Head Coach After His Motivational Speech?

If this was a tryout, Stephen A Smith passed with flying colors. That speech gave me chills. Who knew that Stevie Smith (as I like to call him) was a master of motivation? Syracuse football needs all the motivation they can get after last season. In fact, there last four seasons…not great!

Maybe Stephen A is missing link to Syracuse football. Step aside, Dino Babers. Stevie Smith is the new head honcho. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Stephen A is electric. Say what you want about First Take, but Stephen A outside of the studio is instant entertainment. I need more of it. Get this man to L.A. right now. WE LOVE IT! *air guitar solo*

Find Me A Person Happier Than Stephen A Smith When He Found Out LeBron Was Going To LA

Laker fans might be happy that LeBron is coming to LA, but do you want to know who is more excited about LeBron’s decision? Stephen A Smith.

Stephen A Smith looks like a guy who is facetiming while taking a dump.

This was an electric livestream from Steve Smith as I like to call him. You may have your issues with Stephen A Smith on First Take, but outside of those two hours, the man is electric. Stephen A is a quote machine when he livestreams himself or goes on other shows. There was the time he made it clear that he was an “ass man” on Snoop Dogg’s show.

There was the time when he told the story of how he wanted the booty on Thanksgiving on late-night cable show. Stephen A also recited the quote of the century, “I am a booty legged hitman to the core.”

Now, Stephen A just wants to sing “I Love L.A.” say his trademark phrase, “Stay of the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUH.”

If Stephen A feels like leaving First Take, he should either host a dating show or Jerry Springer. The world deserves this booty-loving side of Stephen A Smith.