The End of the F***King World Review: Dark, Unique, And Enjoyable Rom Com

Netflix has found its latest sleeper hit with The End of the F***king World. Here is the official synopsis:

James is 17 and is pretty sure he is a psychopath. Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school. The pair make a connection and she persuades him to embark on a road trip in search of her real father.

***Blog will contain no spoilers***

Man, the British know how to do comedy.

How many times have you watched the typical “boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl” romantic comedy? My guess is hundreds. Sometimes, you just need a new take on the classic love story. The End of the F***king World is unique as it gets. The synopsis above touches on the basics of our two main characters, James and Alyssa.

James (Alex Lawther) says he’s a psychopath and from the beginning episodes, he proves that point. James has grown up with no emotions or feelings, hence why he likes to kill things. Now, he wants to move on to killing bigger things like humans. Enter Alyssa (Jessica Barden). Alyssa is the cool, new girl who acts like the typical new girl in any TV show. She acts like she doesn’t care what people think, but on the inside, she just wants to fit in. James and Alyssa rebellious attitudes bond and decide to go on a road trip that will change their lives forever.

Throughout their crazy adventures, you start to realize that James and Alyssa are actually just like you and me. Ok, so maybe not everyone wants to kill someone. Shocker! However, this idea of acceptance and being true to yourself are themes that everyone deals with on a day to day basis. It’s not about fitting in with society, but it’s about finding that one person that accepts you for you. You’re comfortable with them and you can truly be yourself. That is what James and Alyssa are searching for and as the episodes go on, the young couple begin to fall for each other in a not so obvious way.

The episodes are dark. It’s not Black Mirror dark, but it has dark undertones like murder and psychopathic views. Plus, a few twists and turns along the way (looking at you, Episode 3). Like I said, it’s not your typical Rom Com. However, between James’s nervous, yes man attitude and Alyssa’s off the cuff, foul mouth comments, the Bonnie and Clyde duo keep you entertained throughout the whole series. Heck, I was laughing aloud during every episode. You build this strange, but enjoyable connection to the show. It’s a SUPER EASY binge. 8 episodes of about 20 minutes each. You can knock that out in under 3 hours.

So if you’re off from work today, order some Seamless, grab a snuggie, and watch a young budding romance in┬áThe End of the F***King World.