This Is Us Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Is Kate Doomed?

Is Kate doomed? I think something bad is going to happen to her. That’s all I have for an introduction because there are too many theories running through my head right now.

Let’s get into the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: “Katie Girls”

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– I would see Kevin’s movie, Hill 400, if it were real. I’m a sucker for a great war drama.

– Kevin and Zoe went to an interview with Terry Gross of NPR (real person, btw). It was there where Kevin realized his cluelessness in regards to Jack’s stint in Vietnam. There is a reason why Jack did not discuss his time at war and we are soon going to find out what happened over there between Jack and his brother, Nicky. Also, Kevin’s flashback explained why Kevin built model plains as a child because of Jack’s resistance to toy grenades and guns. The biggest takeaway from Kevin’s storyline was the email he sent to a former soldier who served with Jack. Slowly but surely, the Vietnam details are beginning to surface.

– Randall confronted Kate about her comment in regards to IVF and how she was the only one who could pass down her father to the next generation. Randall took offense to the remark since he was adopted, but Kate spun it back in his face, explaining how it’s been such a struggle to become pregnant and when it finally happened, she lost the baby. In a move that will make every real life person look in the mirror and evaluate their relationship with their siblings, Randall flew across the country to apologize to Kate before her surgery. Just like Jack ruined fatherhood, Randall ruined siblinghood because everyone will now expect their siblings to jump on a plane in times of need. Thanks, Randy!

– More William! More William! More William! The show is so much better when William is featured. The flashback occurred after Randall broke down the night of Kevin’s play and Beth had no idea how to handle it. William said that she is the bass of the family, which is the quiet but reliable member of the band. However, one day, she will need to be the trumpet of the group and play a solo in order to make her needs present. That day has come because after Randall announced his intentions to run for office, Beth revealed that she was fired from work. It’s solo time, Beth.

– I’m putting this scene in from Season 1 when Kevin left his play to console Randall. It’s easily a top 5 moment in the whole series.

– I want Jack to punch his father so badly.

– It turns out that Rebecca and Jack have similar lives at home. Both want out of their old lives and both are searching for something or someone to serve as an escape. For Rebecca, she wants to be a singer and not a housewife. For Jack, he strives to be the complete opposite of his father, which is why he makes his mother move out of the house. After Rebecca rekindles a flame with her ex-boyfriend, Alan, who is back from London to win her back, she has a chance encounter with Jack at a grocery store. Rebecca reveals her intentions to move to LA to become a singer and Jack explains how he wishes for a decent job, wife, and family. After Alan asks her to move to New York, Rebecca cannot shake what Jack said, and decides to leave Alan for Jack. The episode ends with Rebecca and Jack agreeing to travel to Los Angeles. I’m all for the West Coast Pearsons.

– It’s time to talk about Kate. After going under during surgery, Kate finds herself in an alternate world with young Kate, teenage Kate, and Jack. Teenage Kate is nasty, taunting the present Kate that there is no way she can have a child. However, after sitting down with all of her past characters and Jack, Kate realizes that she must leave in order to become a mother. Kate wakes up from surgery to good news as the doctor shares that Kate retrieved 8 eggs. Side note: This was the first scene ever filmed with Milo Ventimiglia and Chrissy Metz.

– I’m going to come out and say it. Kate is doomed. I have mentioned in previous recaps that I’m worried for Kate, but after each episode this season, the feeling of doom and in particular, death, strengthens. First of all, she is afraid to die and mentions it to Randall on the phone in the beginning of the episode. Then, Kate discusses death with Toby and how she does not want him to marry certain individuals if she passes away. During her dream sequence, teenage Kate persuades present Kate to stay because she can be happy there with her father. Death, death, and more death. Why would the writers bring up death so many times? Is this to try and throw viewers off the scent of death? Maybe the unborn child is the target of the grim reaper? I’m predicting Kate to die in childbirth. Is it possible she dies after the birth or doesn’t die at all? Of course. However, right now, I don’t see her surviving. Kate is doomed.

Tune in next week for episode 4, which is titled “Vietnam.” What do you think it’s about?

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Things Are Tense

Last night’s episode of This Is Us is what I like to call a “Speed Limit Episode.” When you drive the speed limit, things are steady. There are no peaks and valleys, no surprise turns, and your emotions remain the same. That was my first reaction after watching episode 2. It was a steady episode. Nothing moved the needle for me. There were no huge twists or turns. I watched, reacted, and kept moving along. I’m not trying to discredit the episode because there were some important takeaways, but as a whole, this episode was a placeholder for something bigger to come.

Let’s get into the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: “A Philadelphia Story”

– The Teenage Big Three was back last night. I’m not positive about the exact time, but it’s safe to assume that it’s a few weeks / months after Jack’s death. After Jack’s death, the only one who is trying to move on with his life is Randall. Rebecca is a walking zombie that hears Jack’s voice in her head all day. Kate is depressed and turns to food for comfort. Kevin is drinking and failing to connect with Rebecca. All of these issues translate to their present day lives.

  • Rebecca: Struggle to connect with Kevin and Kate
  • Kevin: Substance abuse issues
  • Kate: Weight management and tough relationship with Rebecca
  • Randall: Internal battle to make his fathers’ proud / spur of the moment decision-making

The Big Three lost their rock when Jack died and now they are struggling to overcome this loss. Can you blame them? Super Dads don’t grow on trees. The spotlight in this timeline was on Randall, who believes he needs to hold the family together, which is why he turned down his admission to Howard University. Somehow, his decision will lead into meeting his eventual wife, Beth. Stay tuned.

– Toby…SMASH. Toby became the Hulk for just a few minutes when he lashed out on Rebecca in regards to the IVF treatment. We also saw that Toby is experiencing serious withdrawl from his anti-depressants, which is why the outburst was triggered. As we saw in the flash forward in the Season 2 finale, Toby’s depression is only going to get worse. Also, I still believe that complications are going to occur with Kate and the eventual baby. Check out my theory in last week’s recap.

– Oh, Miguel.

– It’s as if the creators read my review from this season’s first episode because William was back! I miss William and his interactions with Randall so I’m always tuned in when he’s onscreen. William’s scenes displayed the importance of the community center and introduced us to Chichi, a widowed Nigerian immigrant, and her daughter, Sky. More on this at the end of the recap.

– Kate and Rebecca fought? No way, really? Once Rebecca found out that Kate was trying IVF, that was a wrap. The ring bell went off and the fight began. This lead to Toby’s freakout. However, in true This Is Us fashion, they managed to overcome their differences and find a mutual appreciation for each other. Rebecca even went so far to share the blame for Kate’s weight gain before injecting her with an IVF shot. The scene where teenage Kate stated she gained 25 pounds and Rebecca responded by silently eating a cookie was heartbreaking.

– Is it me or has Kevin’s movie been in production for years? Anyways, it was premiere night and the family was out in full effect except Kevin’s “girlfriend,” Zoe. Kevin wants to take the relationship to the next level and Zoe was against that until the end of the episode when she asked him to pick her up at the airport. It’s worth noting that Zoe is going to accompany Kevin to Vietnam so expect the duo to grow closer in the coming episodes. Also, Kate flat out said Kevin was not going to have kids. You don’t bring that up in a television show about family and not address it later. Kevin having a child before this show ends is the lock of the century.

– Finally, I want to end with Randall, the man who has to fix everything. Present day Randall decided to bring Deja to the community center (where William frequented) to meet Sky. While there, Randall noticed the building was in bad shape so he took it upon himself to fix the problem. When the maintenance crew that a city councilman promised to send never shows up, Randall takes matters into his own hands.

Randall has a rough final minutes in the episode and it’s all over his acceptance in society. Ever since he was a kid, Randall felt like he never belonged. Randall didn’t meet William until he was 36 before dying of cancer and his adopted father, Jack, died when he was a teenager. Chichi said that despite his generous work at the community center, Randall still gets to go home to a comfortable house and lifestyle. He does not relate personally with the people that go there and struggle to survive. Then, at the premiere, Kevin mentions to Randall that Kate said she was the “only one” who could pass on Jack in the form of their children. Randall has no idea where he fits in and it is going to tear him apart.

Kevin’s trip to Vietnam is on the horizon so I’m expecting next week’s episode to at least go 10 mph over the speed limit.

What did you think about this episode?

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: 38

The Pearsons are back in the season premiere of This Is Us. Can you believe this is the third season? It seems like just yesterday we figured out that the Big Three were all siblings. Anyways, last night picked up a short time after the season two finale. Kate and Toby are married and trying to have a child. Kevin is attempting to date Zoe, much to Beth’s displeasure. Randall is still trying to connect with Deja and in the past, Jack is falling for Rebecca.

Let’s get into the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: “Nine Bucks”

– Happy birthday to the Big Three! I love how every season starts on their birthday. It makes me think as to how long this show can last. Gun to my head, I believe five seasons will be the perfect number for this show, but I wouldn’t put it past the show to make six. If the quality of the episodes is there and the ratings are high, they’ll easily make five seasons.

– The highly anticipated season three starts off with Franco Harris and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Why? I honestly though it was the introduction of a new character or it was William’s friend. However, the purpose was what happened to Franco Harris that day as the Steelers completed the “Immaculate Reception.” As Cindy explained it below, it’s a metaphor to represent how being in the right place at the right time can alter your life for better or for worse.

– Jack and Rebecca’s Date. Cute! We all know the endgame so the show is now exploring how the game begun with Jack and Rebecca. In my preview, I expressed my excitement for Jack’s time in Vietnam. Frankly, it’s one of the only storylines I care about the most. Something happened over there that changed his life forever. That “something” was probably the death of his brother, Nicky, but knowing this show, there’s a lot more to it than a simple death. If I had to guess, Jack feels responsible for Nicky’s death because he was unable to protect his brother. Perhaps Jack didn’t go back to save Nicky, which is what created his savior complex and became the reason he died in the fire.

– For those who didn’t notice, Jack returned to Rebecca’s house the next day because she left her jacket in the car, which is something she did on purpose in order to see him again. However, it looks like Rebecca is already dating someone. This is why spontaneity is overrated. Call your significant other before coming over. Although in my case, you have to have a significant other to call first. Awkward…

– Deja. To be honest, Deja’s storyline has not grown on me yet. I believe there is potential, but it has not captivated my interest. It’s clear that she is supposed to replace the void left by William, but we’re finding out that William is irreplaceable. I will give her a few more episodes and see where my interest level is at before I judge.

– Randall continues to do Randall things. Just like Jack, Randall has a savior complex and feels that he needs to save Deja. Randall tries to compare his situation to Deja’s, but as she correctly points out, they are nothing alike. Even though Deja is going to be adopted by Randall and Beth, I don’t believe this is the end for Deja’s father. At some point, he is going to make a plea to be in her life. Once again, I prefer Randall’s interactions with William over his ones with Deja.

– Kevin is back to being the charming guy you want to punch in the face, but you also secretly love, which I’m all for because I couldn’t stand him as a dark and depressed character. Kevin is interested in Beth’s cousin, Zoe, and the two are starting to fall for each other. However, Beth wants to put an end to it right away not because she’s protecting Zoe, but Kevin. I don’t see this relationship working out for Kevin even though they will eventually head to Vietnam.

– Beth had the lines of the night with “knocking boots” and “swearing on Oprah.” I’m predicting a big season out of Beth.

– The biggest takeaway from the episode revolved around Kate and Toby. After the wedding, Kate and Toby are desperately trying to have a baby. Unfortunately, with Kate’s weight and Toby’s anti-depression medication, they are unsuccessful. After being denied IVF, the doctor has a change of heart and decides to go through with the process despite a 90% risk of complications. That number is too big of a risk for Toby so he decides to dump his pills down the toilet in order to increase his sperm count even though it will increase his depression.

– Then, the show ends with the flash-forward. This storyline will be the “how did Jack die” question of the season. Before going to see “her,” Randall calls Toby, who is alone in bed, to ask if he wants to see “her,” but Toby believes she does not want to see him.

The Internet is going crazy over this image.

Toby is not wearing a wedding ring. Many fans believe that Kate is the “her” that Randall is referring to and that she is divorced from Toby. Well, I’m here to give my long shot theory of the season.

Kate is dead.

There’s a reason why they call it a long shot. Killing Kate would be risky, but hear me out. There’s a 90% fail rate for IVF. Toby is about to go down a spiraling path of depression. The lack of a wedding ring in the future supports that something happened with their marriage. Toby had plenty of chances to leave Kate before. Why would not being able to have children be the reason he left now? A major character has died in each season (William in Season 1, Jack in Season 2). Someone has to die in Season 3.

So here’s my theory. Kate dies during complications in childbirth. There’s a reason why the 90% fail rate was brought up. The child, which is a girl, ends up surviving, but is forced to live in a nursing home for the rest of her life because Toby cannot take care of her alone due to his battle with depression. The lack of a wedding ring on Toby’s finger supports “til death to us part.”

What did you think about the episode?

This Is Us Season 3 Preview

The Pearson family is back as This Is Us returns to NBC tonight at 9 p.m. When we last left the Big Three, Kevin was on his way to Vietnam with Beth’s cousin, Kate and Toby were married, and Randall had to go see “her” in a flash forward. There are a lot of storylines that Dan Fogelman can tackle this season. Here are some focal points and questions I have for the upcoming season.

Jack and Rebecca’s First Date

From what I read, the early stages of Jack and Rebecca’s courtship are going to be explored. Instead of questioning how Jack died, which was the biggest mystery in Season 2, it will be nice to see how a young couple fell in love before the Big Three came into their lives.

Jack’s Time in Vietnam

This is my number one storyline. Once it was teased in Season 2, you knew that the writers would eventually circle back to Jack’s time in the war. From what we know so far, Jack had a rough childhood due to his father’s alcoholism. This may have been the reason why he decided to serve in in the first place. Last season, we also learned that Jack had a brother, Nicky, who also served in Vietnam. Jack rarely talked about his brother so it will be interesting to see their dynamic in Vietnam and play out on screen since Michael Angarano was cast as Nicky. Milo Ventimiglia stated that there will be an entire episode focused on Vietnam. Bring it, on.

Kevin and Zoe Head to Vietnam

The Season 3 finale revealed that Kevin was headed to Vietnam to learn more about Jack’s past. However, he wasn’t alone and the woman with him was not Sophie (who I still think Kevin ends up with). Kevin was snuggled up next to Zoe, Beth’s cousin. In the video preview above, Beth is very dismissive of the relationship so we’ll see how serious the courtship is this season. Also, no more dark turns for Kevin, please. Kevin was meant to be lovable and vibrant, not gloomy and depressed.

Kate Wants a Baby While Toby is Depressed

The honeymoon stage is over for Kate and Toby. In last season’s finale, a flash-forward revealed a depressed Toby in bed while Kate sat bedside. What is the cause of the depression? Only time will tell, but Toby has to face his problems sooner than later because Kate announced that she wants to have a baby in the video preview. Calling my shot now, Kate is pregnant by the Season 3 finale.

Who is the “her” in Randall’s Flash-forward?

Randall is going into the future. In a flash-forward from last season, Randall tells adult Tess that it’s time to see “her.” Who is this mysterious woman? This might be the biggest mystery of the upcoming season. Right away, the obvious answer is Beth. If I know anything about this show, it’s that the obvious answer is not always right so I don’t think this is Beth. Perhaps it’s Deja, Annie, or Rebecca. I just can’t see it being Beth. For some reason, I think the “her” might be a child that is sick and needs to live in a hospital.

Randall, Beth, and Deja

The other Big Three will have to continue to learn how to coexist as a family. Deja unloaded on a car with a bat in last season’s finale so I’m sure Randall and Beth will have to bring that up. Will Deja finally learn to accept her new family? I’m expecting more violent outbursts before her acceptance.

Timeline Confusion

Introducing flash-forwards makes sense in the grand scheme of things. A show about the past and the present needs to incorporate the future. In fact, the show will end in the future timeline. That being said, three different timelines can cause some confusion. For the first few episodes, my hope is that Jack and Rebecca are the past, the Big Three are the present, and only Randall is the future. The more characters introduced in each timeline, the more chances for confusion. Expect to learn more about Toby, Beth, and my boy Miguel as well.

I’m excited for Season 3, which has been called by the cast the “most ambitious season yet.” Here’s to a good season.

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Life Itself, The New Movie From The This Is Us Creator, Looks Spectacular

Calling all This Is Us fans. Bring your tissues because this one is going to be a tearjerker. Leave it to Dan Fogelman to translate his family dramas to the big screen. I’m not going to call Life Itself the “This Is Us movie,” but if this film is anything compared to the show, it will be a huge success.

This is the official synopsis and casting notice for Life Itself.

Deadline – “The story follows a New York couple that goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child. The movie follows the unexpected twists of their journey and how they create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes. Life Itself examines the perils and rewards of everyday life in a multigenerational saga featuring an all-star acting ensemble including Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening, Olivia Cooke, Sergio Peris- Mencheta, Laia Costa, Alex Monner and Mandy Patinkin.”

An all-star cast with multiple timelines and stories that are connected? Sign me up. Maybe this is the This Is Us movie. I’m expecting a big twist at the end that rivals the reveal at the end of the first episode of This Is Us when the audience finds out that Randall is apart of the Big Three. I bet Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde are figments of someone’s imagination and they died 50 years before the story takes place. I’m just spitballing here because I have still yet to nail an accurate prediction from Fogelman’s work. It’s like in Crazy, Stupid, Love (which Fogelman wrote) when Steve Carrell finds out that Ryan Gosling is dating his daughter, Emma Stone. Fogelman productions have more twists than a maze so I’m expecting something that will blow my mind.

Life Itself opens September 21. This Is Us season three premieres September 25. Life is good.

This Is Us Season 2, Episode 18 Reaction: I Do

That’s all she wrote, folks. This Is Us wrapped up its second season last night as Kate and Toby finally walked down the aisle at their wedding. The duo were not the only ones to celebrate a marriage. During a flash forward in which we later found out was a dream, Jack and Rebecca renewed their wedding vows on their 40th anniversary. A lot of love was in the air, but troubled times are on the way as seen in the ending scenes. For the last time of the season, let’s get into the reaction.

Season 2, Episode 18: “The Wedding”

NBC / This Is Us

– I will get into more general thoughts on Season 2 at the end of the article, but last night’s finale and last week’s Deja-filled episode were two of the best episodes of the season. The process of building up to Jack’s death, revealing his death, and then moving on dominated most of Season 2. Sometimes it worked (Jack’s last day alive, Deja’s own episode last week) and other times it fell short (Bachelor party episode, Parts throughout the Big 3 Solo episodes). Going back to my original point, This Is Us saved their best for last.

– Kate missing Jack on her wedding day should not have come as a surprise to anyone. I was talking with a Kat(i)e during the episode and she brought up a great point of the father – daughter dynamic at a wedding especially when it comes to walking down the aisle. Not having the father to walk the bride down the aisle must be extremely heartbreaking. It explains why Kate wanted Jack’s urn at the wedding. Even if he’s not physically there, a piece of Jack symbolically watched his daughter walk down the aisle. Plus, the dream sequences showed us what it would’ve looked like if Jack were still alive. In reference to her character, Kate is at her best whenever she interacts with Jack or has plot points developed around her memories with Jack. From speaking with other fans, it seems that a lot of Kate’s problems with her mother, weight, and job make her storyline not as appealing compared to Randall or even Kevin. However, Kate truly gets to shine when her love and emotion for her father takeover on screen.

– Speaking of mothers, we finally saw Rebecca and Kate patch things up…for now. I personally waited all season for this heart to heart and it seemed to drag on for awhile, but now looking back, the wedding was the perfect time to do it. Will Rebecca and Kate finally get along post wedding?

–  Toby Bryant. Toby had an up-and-down season. I do not like his character when he becomes overbearing and latches on to Kate. As a viewer, you want to say, “Just leave her alone right now. She needs a minute.” However, Toby had a very good scene with his parents, played by Dan Lauria and Wendie Malick. This is the Toby I want. The perfect mix of comedic relief and seriousness. Toby doesn’t seem like a lost puppy, but instead, he’s a strong supporting character. Foreshadow alert as it seems Toby’s parents will be right about his depression / sickness returning.

– Randall, Beth, and Deja, and a partridge in a pear tree. Just when you think that it will get better, Deja decides to smash a windshield with a bat. In simplest terms, Deja has daddy issues. Can you blame her? She’s been in and out of foster care, her mother gave up her parenting rights, and the one time Deja was happy in the episode, it disappears when she is confused for Randall’s daughter. Daddy issues are coming hard next season so don’t be surprised if Deja’s biological confronts Randall at some point. Also, I still believe that something is up with Beth. I’m not sure if it’s health-related or trouble in paradise with Randall. I can’t put my finger on it now, but more confrontation between America’s new favorite couple is on the horizon.

NBC / This Is Us

– Miguel! I need more of Miguel next year. He’s such a good guy and it turns out he’s also really funny.

– I am all for Kevin and Randall providing comedic relief in their interactions. Usually, Kevin dominates this category, but Randall and his cheesy humor has grown on me.

– Kevin and Randall’s Speeches and the flash forwards. I had a lot of problems with Kevin’s arc this season. His dark, troubled turn this season made me lose sympathy for him. He came off as a bad guy to me instead of a troubled character who struggles with grieving. His “deep breath” speech was the honest, fun-loving Kevin that I came to love throughout Season 1. No more dark turns for Kevin. Randall, as always, was Randall. With every word Randall says, the more captivated and interested I become.

Our flash forwards saw Toby depressed with Kate saying to “change his meds.” Depression or fatal disease? Kevin was on a plane with Beth’s cousin, Zoe, as he looked at Jack’s Vietnam photo. New couple alert? Is Kevin about to investigate what happened with Jack during the war? Finally, Future Randall and Future Tess are nervous about visiting “her.” Is Beth sick or divorced from Randall? Are Deja or Annie in trouble?

Final Thoughts On Season 2

Season 2 had its peaks and valleys. Coming off of a strong first season, I worried that the show would experience a sophomore slump. To a degree, it did experience rough patches just because season one was fantastic so it would be hard to recreate that same magic from last year. I felt that something was missing throughout the season and that was William. William and Randall’s storylines took This Is Us to new heights. William was irreplaceable and you could definitely feel his absence. Also, Season 2 was very dark compared to the first season. A lot of sadder moments throughout the season due to the buildup and execution towards Jack’s death. I hope darker moments are more balanced with happier, lighter moments next year. That being said, I still enjoyed the season as a whole. Mandy Moore took a giant step this year in terms of top characters, Sterling K. Brown still did his thing, and the emergence of Deja along with flash forwards brought new twists to the Big 3. This Is Us is still one of my favorite shows on television and you better believe I will be glued to my chair for Season 3. Thank you to everyone who read and commented on these reviews. It truly means a lot.

Big Three and DG out.

This Is Us Season 2, Episode 17 Reaction: The Story of Deja

NBC / This Is Us

This is Deja. This Is Us introduced a new timeline last night that did not involve one of the main characters. Instead, the writers decided to spotlight the story of Deja, chronicling her birth to the moment when Beth and Randall discover her sleeping in the car. A heartbreaking story that may have a happy ending down the road. Will Deja become a Pearson for good?

Season 2, Episode 17: “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life”

– Shoutout to special guest Pam Grier aka Jackie Brown.

Miramax / Jackie Brown

– It’s so rare that a show in its penultimate episode decides to abandon almost every major storyline in favor of spotlighting an important secondary character. Not every show has the creativity and risk-taking ability that This Is Us consistently shows on a week-to-week basis.

– Deja has always been an interesting character despite having little knowledge about her past. Before last night’s episode, the audience always sympathized with her because of her rough upbringing, but we never really knew the severity of it. Deja’s mom, Shauna, was a young, teenage mother who struggled to balance her personal life with her “mom life.” The only support system that Shauna had was her mother, Gigi, who tragically died when Deja was a young girl. This fear of loss and heartbreak has always stayed with Deja, which is why it was so hard to open up to Randall and Beth.

– The “sleeping in too many beds” speech from Raven had a huge impact on Deja’s thought process in regards to the Foster Care System. If you find a decent situation with a bed that is mostly safe, do whatever you can to keep it. It’s why Deja finally opened up and accepted the Pearsons as her new family. The idea of beds was also a clever, but heartbreaking way to show the positives and negatives of Foster Care.

– I can’t help but compare this episode to Randall and William’s trip from Season 1. The story of Deja was another one character-driven episode, but with a twist. Randall and William’s episode from Season 1 is in the Top 5 episodes of this series, and I ‘d even hear arguments saying it’s Top 1. Since that standard is so high for a one character-driven episode, it’s almost unfair to compare that with Deja’s episode. That being said, intertwining small, but meaningful moments from every character to represent Deja’s highs and lows is what made it unique to Randall and William’s road trip.

– Another note on intertwining the storylines of all the characters with Deja: I saw it as foreshadowing to what eventually happened at the end of the episode. Deja has the same problems as the Pearsons so therefore, she is a Pearson. Shauna realized that she can’t keep messing up and letting down Deja. Shauna decided that what’s best for Deja is to keep her with Randall and Beth. It’s a very noble thing to do, but there is no way that Randall will allow this to happen. Randall searched his whole life for his biological family and when he finally found William, it changed him for the better. I could see the Pearsons looking after Deja like they did before, maybe even adopting her in the future, but there’s no way Randall will allow Shauna to disappear from Deja’s life. I expect a big Randall speech to Shauna next week.

– Prediction time: Lonzo, Shauna’s on-and-off boyfriend, is not going away. His introduction was not a one time thing. I’m picturing it in my head now. Shauna is convinced that Lonzo has changed and she goes to pick him up from jail to start a new life. The duo go to the Pearsons to visit Deja and Lonzo says something like “Get your stuff, we’re going home.” Deja says she doesn’t want to leave. Lonzo gets aggressive. Randall steps in to mediate, but is threatened by Lonzo. I’m not sure what the end game is (maybe a gun is drawn), but an altercation between Lonzo and Randall has to happen.

It’s season finale time and we’re finally getting a wedding! However, someone very special is returning or should I say, rising from the dead… See you next week for the finale!

This Is Us Season 2, Episode 16 Reaction: Viva Las Vegas

It feels good to have the Pearsons back in our lives. After a short hiatus for the Winter Olympics, This Is Us aired their third to last episode of the season last night. By now, I hope that you have stopped crying after an emotional two episodes where we said goodbye to Superdad, Jack Pearson. Last night’s episode shifted away from dying and turned the attention to marriage as Toby and Kate celebrated their bachelor and bachelorette parties in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, back in the past, Jack and Rebecca celebrated their anniversary.

Season 2, Episode 16: “Vegas, Baby”

NBC / This Is Us

– I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but the bachelor and bachelorette parties from last night seemed pretty PG. I understand that The Hangover style party is unrealistic and This Is Us is a family show, but none of the characters were drunk. Make it PG-13 next time and let the boys take some shots!

– I’ve been trying to figure out the timeline for when the wedding will happen. Last night was a good clue with their respective parties. It’s possible that the season 2 finale could be the wedding, but I think it’s unlikely. Beginning of season 3 is a good bet. That being said, the wedding will be waterworks city in due part to Jack’s absence. My prediction is Kate gets cold feet because Jack isn’t there, but Randall and Kevin calm her down and we’re left with the emotional shot of the Big 3 walking down the aisle.

– I appreciated the interaction between Kate and Randall. Out of all the different combinations you can make with the Big 3, Kate and Randall is definitely last in terms of significance and attention. Kate felt replaced by Beth, which lead to her jealousy of Beth and Randall. The backstory of Kate and Randall hanging out after Jack died showed that they are closer than we thought. Notice how Kevin was not there. Did he move away already? As always, Randall knew exactly what to say (shocker). Kate then bonded with Beth. They both share their insecurities and put their tension behind them. As great as Jack and Rebecca are, it’s the Big 3’s relationships with each other that make this show “click.” Here’s to more sibling bonding in the future.

– I have to spotlight Toby’s jacket. A+. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

NBC / This Is Us

– Toby Bryant has always felt like he can’t break through to the Big 3. Using his Star Wars reference, he’s on the outside looking in. Last night, Toby formed the all-male Big 3 with Randall and Kevin. All Toby wants is acceptance and last night, he took a huge step towards breaking into the family. It must be hard knowing that no matter what you say and do, you will never be able to feel their pain when it comes to Jack. That’s just reality, and Toby is finally starting to come to terms with that. Also, I am very intrigued about the idea of Toby’s brother. He has to show up at some point, right? Maybe he shows up the wedding?

– Jack and his grand romantic gestures. I pray that women don’t expect all of their husbands to be like Jack. That’s like asking a baby to dunk a basketball. It’s not going to happen. Jack and Rebecca did Jack and Rebecca things last night, but I was so surprised with Kevin. For the first time in the history of humanity, Kevin was not an annoying brat. When he wants to, Kevin can channel his inner Jack. I expect Kevin to do a grand romantic gesture towards Sophie in the near future.

– I saved the most important news for the end. The Deja saga is back on and it has taken a new twist. After Randall and Beth’s bickering, they both realized that they miss Deja. Randall knew something was off when Deja asked him for money and then randomly called him in Las Vegas. When the duo visits Deja, they find her and the mother sleeping in a car. Things are not looking up for Deja, but have no fear, Randall and Beth will save the day per usual. It will not be in the form of an adoption, but perhaps Randall and Beth will sponsor Deja and her mother. Perhaps they give them a room in their new apartment building or give the mother a job.

It looks like next week is going to be an all Randall / Beth / Deja episode. All-Randall episodes have worked before CC: Randall and William’s trip to Memphis. Will it work again? See you next week.