2018 Masters: Preview And Betting Guide

Hello friends. One of my favorite weeks in sports continues as we transition from the Final Four to The Masters. The Masters is my favorite golfing major because of the history, tradition, and the prestige of the Green Jacket. There are so many memorable moments that come to mind. Tiger’s chip on 16. Jack’s putt in 86. Phil jumps for joy in 2004. Last year, Sergio finally gets his first major. These are moments that every golf fan has ingrained in their head.

Now, I know not everyone watches golf. However, I’d venture to say that most sporting fans tune into the Masters because one, March Madness is over and two, Tiger Woods is playing. More eyeballs is great for golf. Plus, this could be the greatest Masters ever. Tiger and Phil are healthy, the young guns are firing, and Rory, DJ, and Jordan look to cement their place as best in the world. It should be spectacular television.

However, there’s a good percentage of fans who will watch for one reason only: gambling. The Masters is a great time to gamble on golf because the amount of bets you can place will be higher than most tournaments. The best players in the world play at Augusta so the competition will be superb. If you have never bet on golf before, there are two types of bets I focus on: Odds to win and Head-to-Head matchup. Even if you don’t like golf, there’s no better rush than winning a bet so I’m here to share some of my favorite plays this weekend.

DG’s Plays For The 2018 Masters 

*All odds are taken from Sportsbook.ag at 5 PM on 4/4/18. Subject to change. Check with your bookie / site for updated odds. *

Odds to Win

My Favorites: Rory McIlroy +1200, Dustin Johnson +1200

Both guys are favorites for a reason. They can hit the ball a mile and when their putters are on, watch out. Rory and Dustin have never won a green jacket, but they both have majors to their names. If I had to pick one to bet on, it would be Rory. All Rory needs is the Green Jacket and he’ll be the 6th golfer in the Masters era to win all four majors. He won 2 weeks ago so he’s coming in with momentum. It’s time for Rory to roar.

Popular Plays In Next Tier: Bubba Watson +1500, Phil Mickelson +1800

Going into this year, most fans thought these two were dead in the water. Bubba went two years without winning a tournament before he won 2 in the span of 5 weeks. Phil had not won an event since 2013 before he won in early March. Both guys found their putting stoke. If I’m picking one, I’m going with Phil. With 3 green jackets and 15 Top 10s at the Masters, it’s safe to say Phil feels home at Augusta.

Darkhorses: Marc Leishman +7000, Brian Harman +9000

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi. After a strong 2017 with 2 wins, Leishman is trying to break through into the second tier of top golfers with the likes of Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia. Last year, Leishman made every cut in all 4 majors including T-6th at the British. Don’t be surprised if you see him in the Top 10 on Sunday. On the other side, Brian Harman has stones. He’s fiery and fearless. The man can putt (7th in SG: Putting) and to win the Masters, you have to make some pressure filled putts. Take a flyer on Harman and watch the lefty work his magic.

*You can bet either day-to-day or for the whole tournament*

Round 1: Haotong Li -130 vs. Fred Couples Even

Who is Haotong Li? Don’t worry about it. However, Fred Couples is a Masters staple. He is 58 years old, but someway, he can still turn the clocks back and play like he’s 30. Couples has 6 Top 20s in his last 7 starts so I’m going with the crafty vet.

Tournament: Jason Day -135 vs. Paul Casey +105

Jason Day is a former number one in the world with a victory a few weeks ago, but his back is in trouble. I hate to see a guy get injured, but he’s had back issues over the years, which worries me in trusting him this weekend. However, I am ALL ABOUT Paul Casey this weekend. The man is due for a major. He’s always “that guy in the mix.” He’s Mr. Consistent and finished here 6th in 2017. Throw in the fact that Casey won a few weeks ago and I’m sold on the Englishman.

Tournament: Justin Thomas -150 vs. Tiger Woods +120

I know most of you are reading this for a Tiger Woods bet. There are so many props you can do with Tiger, but if I had to pick one, here’s my pick. Why am I picking Tiger over the number two player in the world? Prior history. Thomas has taken enormous steps to become one of the best golfers on the planet. However, besides a win at lat year’s PGA and T-9 at the US Open, he’s been pretty average. His best finish at Augusta is T-22. Thomas will win a green jacket one day, but not this year. Tiger is “feeling himself.” Everyone can’t stop raving about him in practice and his last three finishes this year are 12, T-2, and T-5. The Masters is his playground so look for him to beat JT head-to-head.

There are so many bets that you can place. I haven’t even touched the surface with prop bets. That being said, I prefer head-to-head so check out the lines on those matchups tonight. Enjoy the Masters!

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 29 – MDW, Zack Furman, And Hot Takes With Gos



We hope everyone had a solid MDW. For me, this is the true start of the summer so we all recapped our extravaganzas. We also got into the Worst Days of the Year. Is Tuesday after Memorial Day #1?

On the show today we brought in Zack Furman, one of DG’s good friends for over a decade. With close friends means personal stories are a must so we had a few to share. The topic of crying and when the last time you did it came up, which brings us to the Seaside Crying Story from DG…. Spoiler alert: You get an inside look at one of DG’s many low points so laugh away. We also got into City shenanigans (broken doors?), movies and some football stories from back in the day.

***DG NOTE*** Not a good look for me, but I was 19 in that story. Just a young buck trying to make it in the world. Also, I dare anyone to challenge me in a Free Bird air guitar battle.

We also brought on our Hot Takes expert Jarod Gos to talk about the start of the “NBA Season,” KD’s return to the Thunder, and LaMelo Ball.

Cheat Sheet

Summer is here so the boys recap their Memorial Day Weekends (2:12 – 7:20) and talk about the Worst Days of the Year (7:21 – 11:00). What is going on with Tiger Woods? (11:30 – 18:00). The Michael Jackson Lifetime Movie (yes, there was one) (18:00 – 22:00). We then brought Zack Furman on the show to discuss high school stories, movies, and the last times we have all cried. If you need to get dirt on us, use these crying stories (22:10 – 42:00). We wrapped up with our resident Hot Take Expert, Jarod Gosule, and talked NBA Finals, Kevin Durant’s return to the Thunder, and the LaMelo Ball mixtape (42:05 – 56:00).

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