Enjoying Opinionated Analysts, Except For Tony Romo!


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The opening Sunday concluded with a brutal Giants-Cowboys game. I was very frustrated at the ridiculous play calls. Early on the Giants were conservative. You could make a case for that. Still close. Time left. Had trouble protecting Eli. One of my real pet peeves is a short pass when you have third and long. At 19-3 in the late stages, there were more short passes from the Giants. Cris Collinsworth was also frustrated. He talked about how they needed to throw a Hail Mary, get an onside kick, and score again. Plus two conversions. They continued to dump it off short. A stunned Collinsworth first stated that the short pass would not get it done, and after another dump off he gave up and confessed to not knowing what they were doing

Jon Gruden likes to complain. He is a grumpy old man. So am I. Therefore, I’m cool with this. Usually he is complaining about penalties and confusing rules. One of his rants this year was about moving the extra point back. Actually, he referred to it more than once. One time stood out though. Basically he said that people find missed extra points exciting. I have totally been in this corner, and point to the Pats-Broncos AFC Championship game that ended 20-18. New England missed an extra point and trailed 20-12 instead of by seven when driving late. I complained that moving extra points back resulted in a missed kick, and that ultimately prevented us from seeing an overtime classic.

Then we have Tony Romo. I can’t stand him. First of all, he does not shut up. You would think somebody could whisper in his ear (or smack him in the head) and tell this fool to let the game breathe. Luckily I was out Thursday and watched the game without sound. Listening to him urging on Aaron Rodgers was tough to take when Green Bay rallied against the Bengals last month. He’ll spike the ball. Don’t worry about it. Not to mention talking about where he could have or should’ve gone with a pass. Yeah, throw it completely across the field. That always worked well in your career. Romo asked Jim Nantz to go out on a limb and predict whether or not Green Bay’s overtime field goal would be successful. Nantz, who usually kisses Tony’s ass, confessed that it was from just 27 yards out. Jim liked the chances of this one. He correctly predicted it. Of course predicting plays has been Romo’s signature trait so far. When Nantz asked how he knew what was coming after one play, Tony arrogantly stated that he has been around football for many years. Oh, you’re the one. Simms and Aikman are newcomers.

I wonder what Phil thinks of his work. It seems a little awkward when the studio breaks in with an update and throws it back to Jim. Phil was often knocked on social media, but he obviously knew the game. Simms put in 19 years at CBS, and was on NBC’s number one team before that. Even Collinsworth has mentioned Romo and seems bothered by him. I’m sure Romo will improve, and I’ll probably get used to his annoying behavior at some point. For now, I’m glad that I will be spending Thursdays out at a bar not listening to Tony’s commentary.

Reviewing The Announcers Around The NFL From Week 1


As we hit the second NFL weekend of 2017, it’s time to look back at some of the announcers from last weekend. Specifically the new crews, but also NBC’s team. Al and Cris are back for another season. I love Al Michaels, but he seems to be losing a little bit off the fastball. For years he was all over the rules. Lately he seems a little confused. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes and evolving interpretations, but he has not been sharp like previous seasons. Forgetting there is a penalty or incorrectly predicting one. I hold him to high standards. Hopefully this is just a blip on the screen. I’m also upset that Bob Costas is largely out of the mix. He apparently did something before the game on opening night, but unfortunately I missed it. Costas will host the Super Bowl in February because Mike Tirico will already be gone for the Olympics. Tirico is taking over for Costas in that role as well.

The new CBS pairing features Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms as Jim Nantz’s partner. Apparently Romo is into predicting what play will be run. I saw highlights of their calls and a little bit of that game on RedZone, but can’t really give an informed opinion until I see more of them. Of course Sunday afternoons will still feature Joe, Troy, and Erin working many big NFC contests.

Finally, there was Monday Night Football on ESPN. I think Sean McDonough is an excellent announcer when it comes to college football and basketball. Over the years I have enjoyed him doing baseball for the Red Sox, and also his national work for ESPN. He just doesn’t seem like a great fit calling NFL games. I’m not sure why. Other people have shared less than complimentary thoughts with me. I’m trying to keep an open mind. It took me some time until I became used to Tirico on Mondays, and again I’m a big fan of McDonough.


The huge story coming in was Beth Mowins. She became the first woman to call an NFL regular season game in 30 years, and the first to call one nationally. Twitter was filled with support from numerous people. I thought ESPN sideline reporter Allison Williams captured it best. In addition to offering praise, she added that it felt normal. I am familiar with Beth. She has called college football for years on ESPN, and also preseason NFL games for the Raiders. Despite being overdue, Beth’s performance did not seem like a big deal to me. I thought she did pretty well, except for a minor stumble before halftime when she didn’t realize that the clock was going to run out before a punt was required. Amazingly, Beth was almost an afterthought. She mocked Rex Ryan before the game even started because he moved around and didn’t stand on his spot for the opening camera shot.

I thought the social media highlights of this game would come from Rex, but sideline reporter Sergio Dipp had an awkward debut covering an NFL game. Twitter went nuts over his introductory comments, and some became upset that we were not treated to more later in the broadcast.


Enjoy Week 2!

I’m Actually Happy For Tony Romo

NFL.COM – Tony Romo has chosen retirement.

Despite interest from at least one playoff-ready NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys legend and four-time Pro Bowler retired from playing on Tuesday and was officially released by the team.

Romo will work for CBS this season as an analyst alongside Jim Nantz on game broadcasts, the network confirmed Tuesday. He replaces Phil Simms as the lead game broadcast analyst for CBS.

“I’m really excited about the challenge ahead,” Romo said in a conference call. “I’m excited. It’s going to be a great challenge for me … I hope that I’m able to make the CBS family proud with their decision.”

I am a diehard New York Giants fan and I will be first to say that I feel bad for Tony Romo in regards to how the end of his career turned out. I am so against players losing starting jobs because of injury, but Dak deserved to keep his job. The way Tony handled that press conference where he said he was the backup was one of the classiest things I have ever seen. In a perfect world, Tony should’ve went full heel and super kicked Jerry to the moon a la Shawn Michaels.

However, Tony has more class in his pinky than I have in my whole body. Being the Dallas Cowboys QB is a blessing and a curse. You’re either beloved like Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman or run out of town like Drew Henson and Ryan Leaf. Pressure beyond belief.

Now, some people will remember Romo for his mishaps. The mishandled extra point. The Dez No Catch. The Jessica Simpson Vacation before the Giants (loved that game). The Winner-Makes-The Playoffs debacle against the Giants (loved that game, too). 2-4 playoff record. A lot of this can be blamed on Romo, but a lot of it was so undeserved. People tend to forget that Tony was a really good, Pro Bowl QB. I also described him as the dart thrower because that’s what he did. He’d throw darts to where only his guys could get it. He single handily helped lead the Cowboys back to prominence during his tenure.

So when I saw that Romo was retiring today, I actually felt happy for the guy. Yes, I would’ve liked to see what he could’ve done with the Houston Texans because with that defense and weapons around him, they were on a collision course to face the Pats in the AFC Championship game. But frankly, his back just couldn’t take anymore hits and that’s ok. Going to the broadcasting booth now is such a smart move. Every single network was DROOLING over him because he’s such a likable guy. People who said “the booth will always be there when he retires” have a point, but would it include the chance to be the #1 analyst and in line to call the Super Bowl in 2 years? I don’t think so.

So in the end, Tony gets to ride off in the sunset and what a ride he will take. He’ll get his CBS check AND Cowboys check. He will probably end up helping with golf coverage eventually. He gets to play A LOT of golf (he’s a dece golfer. Scratch player). Most importantly, he doesn’t have to deal with the bullshit of “Will he ever win the big one? Should he play over Dak? Why won’t Jerry release him anymore?”

All of that has been put to rest and once again, Tony did the Cowboys a favor by retiring, something he didn’t have to do. I hate the Cowboys, but I don’t hate Tony Romo.

Long live the Pizza Hut hat.


Tony Romo Breaks a Bone In His Back aka The Giants Rule the NFC East

*Romo Injury* Anotha one. *Romo Injury* Anotha one.

Credit: Profootballzone

NFL.com – Cowboys coach Jason Garrett announced Saturday that starting quarterback Tony Romo underwent an MRI on Friday that revealed a broken bone in his back, per David Helman of the team’s official website.

Garrett labeled Romo “day-to-day” and refused to give a timetable for his return, but NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the quarterback’s “best-case scenario” is returning by “mid-season” after suffering a compression fracture of his vertebrae, per a source informed of the situation. Rapoport noted that Romo “broke a different bone” in his back than in 2014 and would “likely need an epidural to play.”
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Say it Aint so, Romo!
Tony Romo hurts his back again and will be out for 6-10 weeks. The best case scenario is that Romo returns mid-season and the Cowboys have managed to stay afloat. At this point, are we even surprised that Romo got hurt again? The man is a bull in china shop as of late. Eugene from Hey Arnold has more luck than Romo.
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As talented as Romo is, he can’t seem to stay healthy. It’s kind of ironic since the Cowboys boast one of the best offensive lines in the game. Zeke Elliot is bound to be a stud (dammit) and Dez Bryant is still one of the most talented WRs in the game. Pair that with the O-line, and the Cowboys were arguably the favorites to win the NFC East. Now, their hopes rely on Dak Prescott, who has looked sharp this preseason…against backups and scrubs. Things are just a little bit different when the 1st teamers are coming for your head so I’m not ready to crown Dak the next Cam Newtown.
More importantly, the football gods continue to shine light on the Giants. The Eagles are an absolute mess. The DeadSkins are going to take a step back unless Josh Norman can figure out a way to get Odell suspended for the whole year (which is my biggest fear when playing the Redskins.). Now, the Cowboys have lost their stud QB and will give the keys of their offense to a rookie QB and RB. I was convinced the Giants would win the division at 10-6, but now, if they don’t win the division at 10-6, this season will be a huge disappointment.
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