Dreams Come True: Genie Bouchard And Super Bowl Twitter Date Reunite

Shoot for the stars, kids! It’s happening again!

This is amazing. The ultimate “Shooters Shoot” moment happened when kid on Twitter bet Tennis Star Genie Bouchard that if the Patriots came back in the Super Bowl to beat the Falcons, they would go on a date.

The Falcons don’t run the ball, Tom Brady goes into Pyscho Tom mode, and college student John Goehrke gets a date with Genie. Just like that. Does this always work? Am I not shooting my shot enough?

Fast forward to now and my man John gets another date. Some guys just get all of the luck. I’m jealous, but I’m happy for this relationship. It gives me hope in the world that I will one day date a powerful woman with an accent. You think I’m kidding. It’s my dream to date someone with an accent and it doesn’t even have to be a celebrity. That would be just icing on the cake. Irish, British, Australian, Latin American. I don’t care. My wife is out there. I just need to find the right accent.

P.S. If this relationship is just a friendship between Bouchard and John, I’ll be crushed.

If You Could Only Use 3 Apps/Services Ever Again, What Are You Choosing?

Last night on Twitter, this question popped up on my timeline and I have been thinking about it ever since. It’s been 10 hours and I’m still debating on what to pick. Out of those 10 choices, what three are you keeping? I keep flip flopping as to what I want. Are apps more important than food? Online shopping or retail stores? I’m still going back and forth in my head. I think the best way to do this is process of elimination.

What I’m Not Picking

Walmart: I could not even tell you the last time I stepped into a Walmart. It might’ve been to play Walmart tag in high school. Who wants to go to parties when you can just play tag in Walmart? Anyways, I understand it has EVERYTHING one needs to survive, but I can go to individual stores to get my electronics, home goods, food, etc. Plus, once I saw they sell steak there, I was O-U-T OUT.

Starbucks: Great coffee, but I’m currently drinking a cup of coffee that is not from Starbucks. As much as I enjoy a Carmel macchiato, Starbucks is something I could cut out of my life. It would save me an arm and a leg because my bank account won’t take a hit anymore. It would be tough to turn down the gift cards I always get there around Christmas. Plus, I can always go to Dunkin Donuts. Sorry orange mocha frappuccinos.

Chick-Fil-A: Delicious, delicious chicken sandwiches. I could make love to a Spicy Chicken Sandwich right now. But out of all these choices, food is something I could cut out because there are a million other options to get chicken sandwiches. Controversial statement here, but I’ll take the Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Wendy’s over a Chick-Fil-A sandwich *sips cup of tea next to Kermit*. Plus, it’s not open on Sundays so there’s that.

Netflix: This one was a little harder to cut out. The streaming giant has provided me with plenty of entertainment over the years. However, do you want to know why I’m cutting out Netflix? There’s too many choices. I find myself searching for 30 minutes before I ever make a choice. Is there a shuffle button? I get that they give you recommendations, but I’d love to just hit shuffle and see what Netflix picks for me. Plus, you can live that Pirate life and illegally stream everything.

NOTE: Don’t come after me, FBI. I hear people pirate movie and television shows so that was a hypothetical reason. Nothing to worry about here.

Amazon: Now, this is when things get tough. Amazon is slowly taking over the world. Jeff Bezos is a badass mofo. He now has Amazon in almost every competitive market. Retail, movies, television, music, GROCERY STORES. It will probably own me someday, but not today! It’ll be annoying to actually go into stores all the time to buy things, but I’ll manage. You can also buy online directly from the stores. Please don’t hurt me, Jeff.

Uber/Lyft: UBAAAAAAAAAAAA! Confession: I’ve never used Lyft. Blame my lack of storage on my phone. So that was easy to kick out. However, I do use Uber a lot especially when I’m in the city or a foreign place. Yes, I can just take a yellow cab wherever I go. More importantly, if you’re in a group, you can just use the “can I just give you cash instead” excuse when paying for the cab. Used to do this all the time, but I actually paid the people because a Lannister always pays his debts. Goodbye 4.69 Uber rating.

Facebook/Insta: This one hurt. I don’t know about you, but I’m still all about Facebook. People say it’s getting phased out, but I disagree. It’s still extremely popular. Why is this so hard to get rid of? Easy answer: stalking. You’re a goddamn liar if you say you don’t Facebook stalk. Get the hell out of my face with that. Everyone does it. It’s human nature. I’ll bet you that when looking up a person, the first app you look them up in is Facebook. Instagram is a close second. How am I going to live without seeing Instagram models sell FitTea?

What I’m Picking

Twitter: Tweet Tweet Tweet. A no brainer for me. I live on Twitter. It’s where I get my news, sports updates and scores, celebrity gossip, and spread the wonderful articles of the DailyMixReport. Plus, I can’t go a day without reading people’s horoscopes that they share everyday. I just need to know that since you’re a Libra, today is the day you finally make peace with your best friend.

Apple: Who runs my world? Apple. Stevie Jobs put me under his spell a long time ago. I still use my green iPod nano that currently has 3 pieces of tape over it. Headphones, podcasts, iTunes. Stuff I used every single day. However, the macdaddy of them all is the iPhone. Remember life before iPhones? It sucked. Well, it didn’t suck because QWERTY keyboards were a panty dropper. That being said, the iPhone runs my life. I need blue bubbles from iMessage. Can’t be doing green even if there are better phones on the market. Score one for fruit companies.

Google: Do I even need to explain myself? 99.9% of people use Google as a search engine. Get rid of that and you’ll probably curl up in a ball and hyperventilate. It gives me every answer that I ever need. Google also runs the world so I want to get on their good side before they higher me to run a blog.

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Introducing The Next Great Twitter Story: Drew vs. The Brady Bunch

Some of my favorite stories are ones that are told over Twitter timelines. Twitter at its finest. Today’s story is no different. This is the story of how Drew was asked to give up his seat for another member of “The Brady Bunch.” Enjoy.

Let me be the first to day that this was laugh out loud funny. I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, it’s spoiled, rich and entitled white kids that started this all. SHOCKER! I didn’t see that coming! They started an argument over a seat. A SEAT! The seat was life or death to them and if there friend did not sit down, it was the end of the world. This is just another exhibit of why I don’t like most people because of stupid and petty stuff like this.

So let’s get to the real MVP and that’s Drew. The guy was a goddamn poet telling this story. A young Shakespeare. I almost spit out my drink when he started naming the people stereotypical white names like Hunter, Nathaniel, Larry, and Ryan. Grouping them together by calling them the Brady Bunch. Do all black people use that reference when describing a bunch of stereotypical white people? Regardless, it was spot on. The “ruining the Beatles reunion” line was pure gold. I could just see Hunter and Nathaniel starting to cry and go on a big rant about how there dads give so much money to the school and how they deserve that seat. Shut up for everyone’s sake.

This is just another example of how Black Twitter is one of the best parts of Twitter for storytelling like that. I need more of it.

Plus, if I was Drew, that chair would’ve been across Nathaniel’s face right away, WWE style.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift are Geniuses

Fake Feud. Fake Feud. Fake Feud.


ELLE – Kanye West releases “Famous,” a song on his newest album, The Life of Pablo, that includes the lyrics “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that bitch famous.” Taylor Swift objected to the song’s “strong misogynistic message,” particularly the line “I made that bitch famous.” In a cover story for GQ, Kim Kardashian claimed that Swift was given a head’s up about the song by Kanye West himself. In a Snapchat story on Sunday night, Kardashian posted the video of the call, where Swift thanks Kanye for the head’s up. “I really appreciate it,” she says. “This is so nice.”

I love fake feuds!

By now, you all should know that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been in a feud with Taylor Swift for a few years now. It started with Kanye interrupting Taylor at the VMA’s a few years ago. Then, Taylor becomes friends with Kanye. Then, they’re not friends again and Kim exposes Taylor. I’m not going into the specifics of the feud, but I will give you my biggest takeaway:

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift are geniuses.

That is not a typo. I’ll say it again. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift are geniuses.

Everything about this feud is a publicity stunt. If you do not believe that, then you are INSANE. Answer these questions for me if you think I’m the crazy one.

Why would Kim post this video exposing Taylor Swift now if she had it for months? Was it a coincidence that the video was posted on the same night as a Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode that talked about the feud? Why would Taylor continue to deny that she gave Kanye permission to use the line in his song when she in fact gave Kanye permission to talk about her? Do you really think that Taylor Swift would give permission over the phone when she knows that there are cameras recording Kim and Kanye’s every move? Why does this whole thing seem fishy and staged?



This is so fake it’s not even funny. People do not like buddy-buddy relationships as much as they like a good feud. How will Taylor defeat Kanye and Kim? How can Kanye diss Taylor? What will Kim do? It’s like a perfectly written soap opera. All three of these celebrities are three of the most powerful people on the planet. The three of them are puppet masters and we are the damn puppets. Wake up, people! Sure, no one will be on Twitter on a Sunday night…

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.28.08 PM


The propaganda machine keeps on turning. I firmly believe that any publicity is good publicity. I’m not even a huge Kanye, Kim, and Taylor fan, but you better believe that I’m informed on the drama and talking about the “feud” with friends. I have no stats to prove this, but I can guarantee that the fashion and music associated with all three of the celebrities has increased over the day. Nothing important on in terms of television and entertainment? How about lighting a Twitter match on Sunday night post Game of Thrones and setting it on fire? Pure genius. Kanye, Kim, and Taylor are going to continue this “feud” as they sit on their Iron Thrones while the peasants like me talk about it on Twitter. Now that my friends is the tragedy. I can’t wait for all three of these celebs to sit down on a show like Fallon or Kimmel to put aside their differences and become “friends” again. Genius.

P.S. Larry King trying to direct the spotlight towards him during the feud was LOL funny. Cannot knock Larry K’s hustle.