Meet The Team


Cofounder and *Self-proclaimed* President of the Daily Mix Report

Will do anything to see the Knicks win a championship

Advocate of seeing movies alone

Mike Francesa or Die

Follow DG on Twitter @Danny_giro



Cofounder of the Daily Mix Report

Jets, Knicks, and Kicks

Social Media Troll

Avid fan of the Kardashian Family

Follow LTS on Twitter @LordTreeSap


James aka Producer Jimmy

All things technical as well as Lead Producer of the Daily Mix Report Podcast

Steak and Lobster Tails

Karaoke Expert

Loves Trashy Television

Follow Producer Jimmy on Twitter @Jameswojcik

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 8.34.45 PM

Joey From Yonkers

Longtime caller, first time writer.

Over 25 years of listening to Mike Francesa.

Expert (degenerate) Gambler.

Owns a t-shirt from every NBA and NFL franchise.

Follow Joe on Twitter @FootballNHoops.


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