Hulk Hogan Claimed Bam Margera Was Dead In A Tweet Even Though Bam Is Still Alive

Classic Mix up!

The Hulkster, baby! Hulk Hogan is an awesome Twitter follower. Ever since Hulk was fired from WWE, he has been trying to get back in the good graces of the public. To his credit, it’s working because there have been rumors of an imminent WWE return. That being said, Hogan’s Twitter account is the typical “old man trying to use the Internet.” The account is all over the place. There’s always tagging issues, bad grammar, and his signature “HH” at the end of every tweet. The Hulkster is notorious for mixing up his Twitter account with text messages.

Hulk also tries to be super inspirational, which makes me laugh every single time because it’s usually accompanied with a picture of him flexing or smiling.

Now, Hulk mixes up Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn. To Hulk’s defense, grouping the Jackass stars together is not uncommon. However, I actually had to google if Bam was still alive or not. When I found out he’s still alive, I laughed, thinking of Hulk’s friends sending him texts about a guy who is still alive. You’ll get em next time, brother DG.

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