Video Surfaces Of LeBron James On Bench After JR Smith’s Game 1 Mistake And It’s Devastating

lebron james

When Ty Lue tells LeBron that the Cavs had a timeout left.

I believe the old adage goes something like, “Never end the game with a timeout in your pocket.” That’s exactly what the Cavs did in their heartbreaking Game 1 loss to the Warriors. To make matters worse, last night, Steph Curry set the NBA Finals record for most made 3s in a game as he lead the Warriors to a commanding 122-103 win to put the Dubs up 2-0 on the Series.

Back to the video. I’m still sick to my stomach thinking about the end of Game 1. To pull out another adage out of my back pocket, the end of Game 1 was Murphy’s Law. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Boy, did it ever go wrong. It was the perfect storm for a loss. Here was the recipe for “How To Lose Game 1.”

  • The charge call that was overturned to a block.
  • George Hill missing the 2nd free throw despite being an above average shooter.
  • JR Smith dribbling out the clock despite rebounding the ball under the basket in a tie game.
  • JR Smith not passing to a wide-open LeBron James at the top of the key after his rebound.
  • Ty Lue not calling a timeout.

A dive bar covered with rats could not make a recipe as bad as the one the Cavs made at the end of the game. Game 1 will go down as “What could’ve been,” especially if the Warriors sweep the Cavs. As a basketball fan who wants to see a competitive series, it’s hard not to feel bad for LeBron James. The man’s back is about to collapse from carrying this team. A miracle won’t even help him win the series. LeBron needs divine intervention. I’ll say a few prayers myself to help LeBron fill his quota, but it’s not looking good for the King.

On the bright side, at least LeBron looking at JR Smith will go into the Meme Hall of Fame.

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