Another Interesting Week Ahead at WFAN

If I told you 12 months ago that August of 2018 would begin with Mike Francesa at WFAN but no Craig Carton or Joe Benigno, you probably would have thought I was nuts. Benigno is still out after sexual harassment allegations. Evan Roberts has continued to work solo. Thursday morning it will be Evan and Jerry Recco filling in for Boomer and Gio. On Friday, Evan will be paired with Chris Moore.


Mike Francesa is off this week. CMB continues to fill in Thursday and Friday. Mike is also off next week. The guy can’t even be there for Yankees-Red Sox. Speaking of pairings, John Jastremski and Jody Mac team up Thursday morning at 10. Jody works by himself Friday, and the usual overnight shift for JJ on Friday morning goes to Zach Gelb. McDonald also fills in for Evan on Saturday.

The man known as JR gets another gig. Wednesday night becomes Thursday with JR hosting until 2 in the morning. Chris McMonigle hosted Monday night. He will also be on early Saturday morning for Tony Paige.

Saturday is full of surprises. None bigger than Chris Moore working 6-10 for Richard Neer. As I mentioned, Jody is working for Evan. Robin Lundberg makes an appearance after that. Joe Giglio closes out the night.

On Sunday, McMonigle again gets an overnight shift. There will be an afternoon shift for Giglio after Moore once again fills in for Neer. Got all that? Keep it here for more WFAN thoughts next week.

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