The Sinner Season 2 Premiere Recap: Don’t Drink The Tea

The strangest show on television is back. Last night, Season 2 of The Sinner premiered and it picked off right where Season 1 left off in terms of creepiness. Although it’s a new cast and new storyline, the mystery is still mind boggling. I wrote about how I loved Season 1 with Jessica Biel and after last night, Season 2 will be just as good, if not better. Let’s get into the recap.

The Sinner Season 2 Episode 1: “Part I”

Photo: USA Network/Peter Kramer/USA Network. The Sinner

– First of all, shoutout to The Sinner Twitter for showing me some love last night!

– So I mentioned that there was a new cast, but that’s not entirely true. Returning to solve the crime is Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman). Pullman was excellent last year and deserved some more love from awards’ shows for Supporting Actor.

– Let’s break down the opening scene real quick. Julian (Elisha Henig) and his two “parents” are on their way to Niagara Falls. Their car mysteriously breaks down and they are forced to spend the night ata the hotel. Julian wakes up in the middle of the night and watches his mom from afar. It’s almost as if he’s seen the devil. The next morning, as Julian goes to get them breakfast, the two parents seem worried, but decide to calm down and have sex (great parenting IMO). Julian comes back with two cups of tea. They both drink the tea. Shortly after, the dad collapses in the shower and dies and the mom collapses on the floor and dies. Julian strangely puts rocks on their eyes, goes out to the woods, and pees his pants when Detective Heather Novack (Heather Paul) finds him in front of a tree.

So yup, kind’ve crazy!

– Those two “parents” in the beginning may be the WORST parents of all-time. They have sex when Julian goes to get them breakfast. It’s not like he was going to order some bacon, egg, and cheeses on bagels with a side of hash browns. He brought them back tea. TEA. You know how long it takes to make tea? If the water is already hot, it takes about 10 seconds. They really had to have sex right then and there? Save it for Niagara Falls.

– It looks like our flashbacks will deal with Detective Ambrose and his childhood in the hometown where the murdered occurred. It’s centered around a woman, who might be his mother, burning to death in some house. That being said, she might have purposely burned the house down because she looked possessed. It’s The Sinner. Anything is possible.

– I have a bad feeling about Detective Novack’s dad, Jack (Tracey Letts), who happens to be Ambrose’s friend. Something about him doesn’t sit well. I could totally see him being the reason why Harry’s mother died or he could be the leader behind this cult. I don’t trust him whatsoever.

– Julian was possessed just like Cora was in Season 1. He saw something disturbing as a child, maybe this “Creator,” and it triggered him to poison his parents.

– Vera (Carrie Coon) ends the episode by showing up to the police station and saying that she was Julian’s mother. Is she the biological mother? I’m not sure. The two people Julian killed did not seem like they were his parents since they didn’t pack a bag for him on the trip. It was as if Julian was going to be sacrificed once they arrived at Niagara Falls. Anyway, Vera is the leader of this cult that we will soon find out about. I don’t have any specific guesses on the cult itself. All I know is that Vera is trouble.

What an excellent premiere episode. Tune in next week as we dive further into the mystery. Make sure to not drink anything with white flowers this weekend!

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