NBA Fight: Serge Ibaka Just Tried To Kill Marquese Chriss


I love a nice NBA fight. I’m not a huge fan of Ibaka going right after Chriss’s neck, but as the father of a kid on my high school basketball team once told me with a straight face, “There are no rules in a fight.” This is the time of year where basketball starts to get “serious.” The “Regular season doesn’t matter” crowd starts to shut up as teams battle it out for a better seed in the playoffs. Teams begin to fine tune their lineups and pick up some momentum before April. As a basketball fan, it’s great to watch.

Back to the fight. It looks like Chriss said something to Ibaka when Serge was on the ground so I take back what I said early. You can go after someone’s neck if they talk shit to you. Talk shit, get hit, and get suspended. That’s the NBA fight game.

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