Previewing The Heavily Anticipated Andre The Giant Documentary On HBO

After a week off, I have a lot to say this week. My first article is about the upcoming HBO documentary. Andre The Giant will be featured on Tuesday night. I was already pumped, but recently read someone’s review and am now even more excited. We can expect plenty about wrestling history, and because Andre very rarely spoke out of character it should be mostly about him in the ring or just wrestling in general.

Even during his later years, Andre was a big draw. The word describes him literally and figuratively. He was definitely big. Vince used him for 1987’s huge main event in Michigan. Largest indoor crowd at the time, and that attendance record stood for many years. Definitely one of the biggest events in wrestling history. This set the stage for huge crowds and PPVs in the future.

Both Ric Flair and the XFL had a 30 for 30. It gave me a small taste of wrestling from my childhood, but this will be so much more. The XFL 30 for 30 was really about football and business. My interest in wrestling ended well before the XFL existed. Ric Flair was not one of my favorites, and his prime was spent wrestling for the WWF’s rival promotion. This documentary will be right up my alley. It should combine childhood memories with footage from times when I wasn’t old enough to stay up or appreciate what was happening.

Hopefully Bill Simmons did a good job on what is likely his final project for HBO. Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan will have plenty to say. Plus, Phil Mushnick is already complaining. That’s an added bonus! Don’t forget to check it out. Tuesday night at 10PM. Andre The Giant on HBO.

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