This Is Us Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Is Kate Doomed?

Is Kate doomed? I think something bad is going to happen to her. That’s all I have for an introduction because there are too many theories running through my head right now.

Let’s get into the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: “Katie Girls”

Photo Credit: Ron Batzdorff/NBC Universal

– I would see Kevin’s movie, Hill 400, if it were real. I’m a sucker for a great war drama.

– Kevin and Zoe went to an interview with Terry Gross of NPR (real person, btw). It was there where Kevin realized his cluelessness in regards to Jack’s stint in Vietnam. There is a reason why Jack did not discuss his time at war and we are soon going to find out what happened over there between Jack and his brother, Nicky. Also, Kevin’s flashback explained why Kevin built model plains as a child because of Jack’s resistance to toy grenades and guns. The biggest takeaway from Kevin’s storyline was the email he sent to a former soldier who served with Jack. Slowly but surely, the Vietnam details are beginning to surface.

– Randall confronted Kate about her comment in regards to IVF and how she was the only one who could pass down her father to the next generation. Randall took offense to the remark since he was adopted, but Kate spun it back in his face, explaining how it’s been such a struggle to become pregnant and when it finally happened, she lost the baby. In a move that will make every real life person look in the mirror and evaluate their relationship with their siblings, Randall flew across the country to apologize to Kate before her surgery. Just like Jack ruined fatherhood, Randall ruined siblinghood because everyone will now expect their siblings to jump on a plane in times of need. Thanks, Randy!

– More William! More William! More William! The show is so much better when William is featured. The flashback occurred after Randall broke down the night of Kevin’s play and Beth had no idea how to handle it. William said that she is the bass of the family, which is the quiet but reliable member of the band. However, one day, she will need to be the trumpet of the group and play a solo in order to make her needs present. That day has come because after Randall announced his intentions to run for office, Beth revealed that she was fired from work. It’s solo time, Beth.

– I’m putting this scene in from Season 1 when Kevin left his play to console Randall. It’s easily a top 5 moment in the whole series.

– I want Jack to punch his father so badly.

– It turns out that Rebecca and Jack have similar lives at home. Both want out of their old lives and both are searching for something or someone to serve as an escape. For Rebecca, she wants to be a singer and not a housewife. For Jack, he strives to be the complete opposite of his father, which is why he makes his mother move out of the house. After Rebecca rekindles a flame with her ex-boyfriend, Alan, who is back from London to win her back, she has a chance encounter with Jack at a grocery store. Rebecca reveals her intentions to move to LA to become a singer and Jack explains how he wishes for a decent job, wife, and family. After Alan asks her to move to New York, Rebecca cannot shake what Jack said, and decides to leave Alan for Jack. The episode ends with Rebecca and Jack agreeing to travel to Los Angeles. I’m all for the West Coast Pearsons.

– It’s time to talk about Kate. After going under during surgery, Kate finds herself in an alternate world with young Kate, teenage Kate, and Jack. Teenage Kate is nasty, taunting the present Kate that there is no way she can have a child. However, after sitting down with all of her past characters and Jack, Kate realizes that she must leave in order to become a mother. Kate wakes up from surgery to good news as the doctor shares that Kate retrieved 8 eggs. Side note: This was the first scene ever filmed with Milo Ventimiglia and Chrissy Metz.

– I’m going to come out and say it. Kate is doomed. I have mentioned in previous recaps that I’m worried for Kate, but after each episode this season, the feeling of doom and in particular, death, strengthens. First of all, she is afraid to die and mentions it to Randall on the phone in the beginning of the episode. Then, Kate discusses death with Toby and how she does not want him to marry certain individuals if she passes away. During her dream sequence, teenage Kate persuades present Kate to stay because she can be happy there with her father. Death, death, and more death. Why would the writers bring up death so many times? Is this to try and throw viewers off the scent of death? Maybe the unborn child is the target of the grim reaper? I’m predicting Kate to die in childbirth. Is it possible she dies after the birth or doesn’t die at all? Of course. However, right now, I don’t see her surviving. Kate is doomed.

Tune in next week for episode 4, which is titled “Vietnam.” What do you think it’s about?

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