NFL Championship Weekend Picks And Preview


We’ve almost reached the end. Only 3 (shit) more meaningful football games left and no, I’m not counting the Pro Bowl. I think everyone can agree that after the dust has settled, these are the four best teams left. Sometimes, it usually doesn’t work out that way, but it did in 2017. I think we are in for a treat today. Without further ado, here are the picks.

DG: Packers 41 (+6), Falcons 40

Just throwing it out there. I think I’ve been wrong on almost every pick these playoffs so like every gambler out there, my luck is about to change! With that being said, the whole world is predicitng a shoot out between the Packers and Falcons and you know what, I think we’re going to get it. I really don’t see either team stopping one another. The Falcons proved A LOT to me last week when they beat up the Seahawks from start to finish. Matty Ice is balling out and finally wants to take that step to getting in the upper tier of QBs. It kind of reminds me of when Joe Flacco made his run to the Super Bowl with the Ravens. This is a “my heart wants X, but my head says Y” game. My heart says Falcons, but my head says Packers. There is a man on the other sideline and his name is Aaron Rodgers. How can you bet against him? He’s liquid magma right now. He’s making every throw and play imaginable. If Ty Montgomery can score a TD and the defense can cause a TO in the 4th, the Packers will go to Houston.

LTS: Packers 38 (+6), Falcons 35

This game is going to be the ultimate shootout. You can’t find two hotter QBs in the league right now (pause). I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those “who has the ball last” type of games and the winner will be punching their ticket to Houston. I’m going down with Rodgers. #GoPackGo

DG: Patriots 34, Steelers 31 (+6)

Another “My heart wants x, but my head says Y” game. My heart says the Steelers are going to win this game. The Triple Bs can keep put up points all by themselves if they wanted to. The Bill Belichick Special is to cut off your best player and make someone else beat you. Well Bill, who’s it going to be, Bell or Brown? I actually think Bell is going to have a good game so look for the Pats to try and completely shut down Brown. What does my head say? The Steelers are going to cover, but the Pats are going to win. It’s so damn hard to go against Tom Brady. I hate the Patriots. I’ll be the first to admit that, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re an exceptional football team. Nothing would make me smile more than a Pats loss, but it’s not going to happen today. I expect someone to step up and takeover this game when you least expect it. My money is on Chris Hogan to be the star of the game. Brady vs. Rodgers is going to be must-see TV.

LTS: Patriots 27, Steelers 24 (+6)

Big Ben and Brady meet again as the heavyweights of the AFC this millennium. Pitt needs to establish Bell on the ground and Roethlisberger MUST take care of the football, which he hasn’t done lately. It’s going to be a good one to close out championship weekend. Give me the Pats to win a tight matchup that they have historically dominated.

Enjoy the 2nd to last weekend of football!

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