Joey Backdoor’s Worst NFL Bad Beats of 2021

The state of New York rushed to legalize gambling in early 2022 because of bettors like Joey.

Editor’s Note: Even though the calendar flipped to 2022, Young Joey still has plenty of bad beats to get to. We’re now onto what was a rocky NFL season for J Baby and rumor has it his betting tendencies played a major role in New York’s push to legalize sports gambling come January.

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5. Falcons-Cowboys 11/14:

Dallas entered their game against Atlanta off a home loss. Denver inexplicably hammered the Cowboys. I thought Dallas would be a good teaser pick, but got cold feet and settled for the over. Most of my losses will be blamed on what is said by somebody on WFAN, and a shootout was expected. My bet needed 49 points. It was 36-3 at halftime. Dallas scored a third-quarter touchdown. I needed 3 more points. I’m still waiting. 

4. Niners-Bears 10/31:

Maybe Chicago should have worn orange for their Halloween game. This bet was definitely a trick. No treat. Despite predicting victory for San Francisco, I decided to tease against them. This was a multi-faceted disaster. I only teased 6.5 because the line was 4. I’m unable to do 10-point teasers in my current situation. 11 would have been a push. The line later went to 4.5, so teasing 7 would have given me 11.5 and a winner. Most of my teasing is with 7 points. Chicago missed a PAT. San Francisco late field goal came shortly after a long run and pushed their lead to 11 points. So many things had to go wrong, and they did. 

3. Bills-Titans 10/18:

The first of two Tennessee appearances on this list falls into a familiar category. When in doubt, take the over. There were several times in this group when I could have done that but got suckered in by the favorite instead. Buffalo settled for a pair of early field goals. I worried that this would cost them, and me. Buffalo was ahead 31-24 in the fourth. Tennessee went up 34-31. With only seconds remaining, the Bills faced a fourth and short at Tennessee’s 3. This time, Buffalo didn’t kick a field goal. That would have tied it. Buffalo went for a first down with hopes that a touchdown to win it would soon follow. Josh Allen slipped on a quarterback sneak. Buffalo fell short, literally. 

2. Titans-Seahawks 9/19:

I debated between the Titans and Seahawks to complete my teaser. Tennessee plus a bundle was tempting, but Arizona had just won by 25 in Tennessee. The second week is always tough. You don’t really know who is good yet, and the tendency is to overreact after openers. Seattle won comfortably at Indianapolis. I thought they should find a way to win at home. This was Seattle’s first game at home with fans in attendance since before the pandemic. They were up 24-9 at halftime and 30-16 in the fourth.

A missed extra point helped open the door for Tennessee’s comeback. The Titans tied it up with under 30 seconds remaining before winning on an overtime field goal. This was Seattle’s first loss when leading by 15 or more at halftime since 2004, and only their fourth such loss in franchise history. It was a tough way to close the late afternoon window, but my worst NFL beat of 2021 actually happened about four hours later. 

1. Chiefs-Ravens 9/19:

My first thought was that Baltimore needed this win. They have had a bad history against Kansas City, but this time the Ravens were home. Baltimore had a horrific loss in their opener against the Raiders (a game that narrowly missed this list). I initially thought that Baltimore might actually be favored or even. Kansas City didn’t look great against Cleveland, but came in 1-0 and figured to be less desperate. Another thought was to just take the over, or maybe go big on that in addition to something else. The talk on WFAN was that Baltimore’s defense could not contain Kansas City’s offense. I put all my faith in Kansas City to win. Baltimore trailed 35-24 after three quarters. Live odds on Kansas City winning must have been quite high if they were even offered at this time.

The Chiefs actually had possession up 11 late in the third, and took over in Baltimore territory after a punt return. Mahomes was picked. Baltimore scored a fourth quarter touchdown to get close, but didn’t convert the conversion attempt. It was 35-30. Kansas City punted. The Ravens went ahead, but again failed on the conversion. Kansas City drove down into field goal range, and appeared headed for a win. Clyde Edwards-Helaire fumbled. Kansas City still was not done. Baltimore faced a fourth down in their own territory. If Kansas City stopped Baltimore, the Chiefs would have probably been about 5-10 yards from field goal range and victory with about one minute remaining.

Lamar Jackson gained two yards for a first down. He needed one. Baltimore hung on. I could have teased Kansas City with the over, taken a live bet with the over, or just hit it for the second half. There were 33 points scored after halftime, so it obviously went over 27.5 second half points. So many chances to win. I missed them all. 

2021 NFL Mock Draft Featuring Coach T and Fitness Guru Brian Trainor

LordTreeSap, Brian Trainor and Coach T break down the NFL Draft with our official 2021 first round mock.

It’s April again, so you know it’s draft time. LordTreeSap is here along with his fellow NFL gurus Coach T and Brian Trainor to help you guys out with an official first round mock draft.

While Coach is preparing the gameplan of a lifetime this week, it’s not for the State Championship, our boy — a member of the historic 1,000 yard rusher club — is getting married on Saturday and he took some time out of ordering his Yorktown Football-themed wedding cake to give us a mock so shouts to the best offensive coordinator in the tri-state.

Trainor’s spent so much time in the gym this year, you’d think he was one of the NFL prospects preparing for the combine. With a torn labrum ruining that dream, F-45’s own skipped a couple sets of burpees and box jumps this week to give us his Mock 5.0 and he does not disappoint.

As for me, I’m just waiting for the fucking Portland Trail Blazers to win a game so I can keep a roof over my head.

Without further ado, the mock draft of a lifetime.

Here We Go – 1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Coach T: Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson

Genius pick, right? Lawrence is going to be a stud. Doesn’t take a perfect IQ to figure that out. This is the last time I’ll ever say it, why couldn’t the Jets tank properly for my boy @lordtreesap #JetsHorrorStories.

Trainor: Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson

LordTreeSap: Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson

2. New York Jets

Coach: Zach Wilson QB, BYU

Chill with the Patrick Mahomes comparisons. Zach Wilson looks like the little brother of one of my players playing youth football. He happens to also have some really impressive tape. Let’s see what happens…at least Gase isn’t developing him.

Trainor: Zach Wilson QB, BYU

The kid is a winner on and off the field.

LTS: Zach Wilson QB, BYU

When the Trevor Lawrence dream died in Los Angeles, (Thanks again Sean McVay) my attention immediately turned to our new king Z-Dub. His stock has soared since the season ended and the Hawaiian-Mormon surfer bro has become one of the draft’s darlings. Now, the Jets screwed over Sam Darnold in every possible way, so I’m just praying we learned from our mistakes and give this kid the best environment possible to learn and grow. He’s already off to a good start with Saleh’s offensive staff led by Mike LaFleur replacing the GOAT Adam Gase.

Called it on the first day of the year.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Coach: Mac Jones QB, Alabama

This is where the world has him going, so I guess I do too. Now based on what I know about Kyle Shanahan, (best play-caller in the NFL) and what I’ve heard Trey Lance’s strengths are, I’m surprised there’s not more traction there. I think Shanahan wants a QB that he can connect intellectually somewhat with, and Mac provides that. Insane #’s this year, competitor, should come in and be able to run that offense right away. Jimmy G, you have some competition bud.

Trainor: Mac Jones QB, Alabama

LTS: Mac Jones QB, Alabama

4. Atlanta Falcons

Coach: Kyle Pitts TE, Florida

Chill with the HOF talk, but this dude is an absolute freak. A QB’s best friend is a TE, and new Coach Arthur Smith sure love’s TE’s. Atlanta can draft Pitts and have a huge big 3 with Jones, Ridley, and Pitts. OR can draft Pitts, trade Jones for capital, and go forward with their young weapons.

Trainor: Kyle Pitts TE, Florida

LTS: Kyle Pitts TE, Florida

5. Cincinnati Bengals

Coach: Ja’Marr Chase WR, LSU

I’ve seen all of this Chase and Pitts talk to the Bengals and I’m sorry, for their own sake, IT SHOULDN’T HAPPEN. You saw what a putrid O-line did to their FRANCHISE STUD QB. Go protect that man. Get the best OT in this draft and lock stud to protect your investment. Joe Burrow is a DUDE and if he’s protected, he’ll give the Bengals a shot year in, year out. Oh and Higgins/Boyd ain’t to shabby. However, Joe wants his stud WR. The Bengals went out and got 2 tackles (none of which can do what Penei can do). At this point, all signs pointing to Chase.

Trainor: Ja’Marr Chase WR, LSU

LTS: Penei Sewell OT, Oregon

6. Miami Dolphins

Coach: Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama

The more tape I watch on Waddle, the moreI like him. He’s dynamic in so many ways, and I think the Dolphins pair Tua with  a deep threat that can make a huge impact right away.

Trainor: Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama

LTS: Ja’Marr Chase WR, LSU

7. Detroit Lions

Coach: *Trade* New England Patriots – Trey Lance QB, ND St.

WOW!!! This is probably crazy, but Bill has realized in order to win in this league, you need a QB. Plain and simple. There are no QBs next year. Yes Jimmy G may be available. But c’mon, you’re not winning with him. Bill may not have many years left, and if he strikes gold, ya never know. Trey Lance to the Pats. Sap, thoughts?

Trainor: *Trade* Los Angeles Chargers – Penei Sewell OT, Oregon

LTS: Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern

8. Carolina Panthers

Coach: Penei Sewell OT, Oregon

Penei Sewell is a beast. The Panthers go out and get an absolute savage in this draft.

*Trade* New England Patriots – Trainor: Justin Fields QB, Ohio St.

LTS: Trey Lance QB, ND St.

9. Denver Broncos

Coach: Justin Fields QB, Ohio St.

The Broncos have Drew Lock and DumpDownTeddy, and well they both stink. Justin fields was 1B with Trevor Lawrence at one point, and John Elway goes up and gets his guy (we’ve heard that one before).

Trainor: Micah Parsons LB, Penn St.

LTS: Justin Fields QB, Ohio St.

10. Dallas Cowboys

Coach:  Jaycee Horn – CB, South Carolina 

Jerry loves the “sexy” pick, and Horn provides that on the defensive side of the ball for the Cowgirls. Son of a former pro, he should be a plug & play week 1 starter.

Trainor: Patrick Surtain CB, Alabama

LTS: Patrick Surtain CB, Alabama

11. New York Giants

Coach: Micah Parsons LB, Penn St.

F the Giants. Okay, I’m done. Parsons is an absolute freak, plain and simple. Rushes the passer, plays sideline to sideline, can do it all for a team that goes with the best player on the board here.

Trainor: DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama

LTS: DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama

12. Philadelphia Eagles

Coach: Patrick Surtain Jr. CB, Alabama

I struggle with what the Eagles should do here and my mock has changed a lot (although 15 less times than Trainor to be exact). The Eagles have MANY needs, but I’d say Corner, WR, and LB are most important. If Parsons is there, TAKE HIM. If not, I’m good with Waddle/Smith or Horn/Surtain. I’m very confident it will be one of these 5 guys. As it pertains to this Mock, let’s go with Patrick Surtain, son of a former NFL corner who is ready to play and contribute right now. Any Nick Saban DB is NFL ready, and this kid could be special.

Trainor: Jaycee Horn CB, South Carolina

LTS: Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama

13. Los Angeles Chargers

Coach: Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern

Trainor: *Trade* Detroit Lions – Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern

LTS: Jaycee Horn CB, South Carolina

14. Minnesota Vikings

Coach: Christian Darrisaw OT, Virginia Tech

Trainor: Alijah Vera-Tucker OG, USC

LTS: Micah Parsons LB, Penn State

15. New England Patriots

Coach: *Trade* Detroit Lions – DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama

Trainor: *Trade* Carolina Panthers – Christina Darrisaw OT, Virginia Tech

LTS: Alijah Vera-Tucker OL, USC

16. Arizona Cardinals

Coach: Jaelen Phillips Edge, Miami

Trainor: *Trade* Chicago Bears – Trey Lance QB, ND St.

LTS: Caleb Farley CB, Virginia Tech

17. Las Vegas Raiders

Coach: Alijah Vera-Tucker OG, USC

Trainor: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB, Notre Dame

LTS: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB, Notre Dame

18. Miami Dolphins

Coach: Teven Jenkins OT, Oklahoma St.

Trainor: Teven Jenkins OT, Oklahoma St.

LTS: Kwity Paye DL, Michigan

19. Washington Football Team

Coach: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah LB, Notre Dame

Trainor: Zaven Collins LB, Tulsa

LTS: Christian Darrisaw OT, Virginia Tech

20. Chicago Bears

Coach: Caleb Farley CB, Virginia Tech

Trainor: *Trade* Arizona Cardinals – Caleb Farley CB, Virginia Tech

LTS: Teven Jenkins OT, Oklahoma St. 

21. Indianapolis Colts

Coach: Kwity Paye Edge, Michigan

Trainor: Kwity Paye Edge, Michigan

LTS: K’Darius Toney WR, Florida

22. Tennessee Titans

Coach: Greg Newsome II CB, Northwestern

Trainor: Greg Newsome II CB, Northwestern

LTS: Gregory Rousseau Edge, Miami

23. New York Jets

Coach: Elijah Moore WR, Ole Miss

Trainor: Asante Samuel Jr. CB, FSU

LTS: Greg Newsome II CB, Northwestern

Philadelphia Eagles: Greg Newsome II's game is too sweet to ignore

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

Coach: Najee Harris RB, Alabama

Trainor: Najee Harris RB, Alabama

LTS: Travis Etienne RB, Clemson

25. Jacksonville Jaguars

Coach: Trevon Moehrig S, TCU

Trainor: Trevon Moehrig S, TCU

LTS: Christian Barmore DT, Alabama

26. Cleveland Browns

Coach: Zaven Collins Edge, Tulsa

Trainor: Azeez Olujari Edge, Georgia

LTS: Jamin Davis LB, Kentucky

27. Baltimore Ravens

Coach: Terrace Marshall Jr. WR, LSU

Trainor: Rashod Bateman WR, Minnesota

LTS: Rashod Bateman WR, Minnesota

28. New Orleans Saints

Coach: Jamin Davis LB, Kentucky

Trainor: Elijah Moore WR, Ole Miss

LTS: Terrace Marshall Jr WR, LSU

29. Green Bay Packers

Coach: Rashod Bateman WR, Minnesota

Trainor: Christian Barmore DT, Alabama

LTS: Elijah Moore WR, Ole Miss

30. Buffalo Bills

Coach: Travis Etienne RB, Clemson

Trainor: Travis Etienne RB, Clemson

LTS: Najee Harris RB, Alabama

31. Baltimore Ravens

Coach: Azeez Olujari Edge, Georgia

Trainor: *Trade* New York Giants – Jaelen Phillips Edge, Miami

LTS: Jaylen Mayfield OT, Michigan

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coach: Jayson Oweh Edge, Penn St.

Trainor: Landon Dickerson Center, Alabama

LTS: Asante Samuel Jr. CB, FSU

Joey From Yonkers’ Worst Gambling Beats of 2020, Part 2

Finally time to wrap up 2020 and my bad beats from it. Here is the conclusion:

10. Notre Dame-Georgia Tech:

The Irish had a 31-7 lead. They won it by 18. I bought a point down to 19.5, but needed to buy a couple more. Notre Dame was stopped a yard short in the final seconds. They actually ran one last play in an apparent attempt to cover, but it didn’t get the job done.

9. Cincinnati-UCF:

After deciding not to score a touchdown that would have covered, the Bearcats then tried to score and didn’t quite get there. This is one of many games on my list that made Bad Beats. The video and Scott Van Pelt can do a better job telling the story. This game happened to be on the same day as Boise-Hawaii, so it is in the same Bad Beats segment.

8. Boise State-Hawaii:

Two fourth quarter touchdowns by Hawaii blew Boise’s cover. There were penalties. Again, easier to let SVP describe it and show you the video. I could have teased it with the over. Two of my favorite teams were playing against each other, and I was on the wrong side. At least in terms of a point spread.

7. Nevada-Hawaii:

I had the second half over 30. It was 14-14 after halftime. Hawaii had a 24-21 lead in the game, and faced a third down deep in Nevada territory with 90 seconds remaining. Pass interference was called. Hawaii then had a first down at the 2, and took knees to end it. A completion for touchdown would have been good for me. Getting stopped likely would have resulted in a short field goal. Even turning the ball over on an interception or getting stopped on downs would have kept me alive. Somehow the one thing that could hurt me ended up happening. Second straight week that Hawaii got me.

6. Florida-Tennessee:

My Gators -16.5 was looking good. I had bought it down from 17.5. Florida was up by 18. I got in before the spread went that high. Tennessee drove 96 yards to backdoor it. The touchdown was scored on fourth down, and Tennessee also converted a fourth down earlier in that last drive. Another game featured on Bad Beats.

5. Mets-Yankees:

It was the first game of a doubleheader. In 2020, each game of a doubleheader was scheduled for 7 innings. The Mets were winning 7-2, and an out away from victory. In fact, a leadoff error was followed by two outs. Theoretically, the game should have already been over. A pitcher often referred to as Edlose blew the save. He even stayed in for the next inning and was hit with the loss. Game 2 was just icing on the cake. Another extra-inning loss. Even if it was also just 8 innings.

4. Washington Football Team-49ers:

Although they did next to nothing on offense, Washington won by 8. I had Niners +3.5 in a teaser. Washington scored one touchdown on a fumble return, and another touchdown on an interception return. One of Washington’s field goals was set up by a fumble. San Fran had an opportunity to tie late. Or, they could have pulled within two and missed the conversion but won me my teaser. A big play that would have put the Niners inside Washington’s 25 was called back by penalty. It ended 23-15. This game was also a big reason why the Giants didn’t win their division. Common sense would have told me to tease Washington, but a rooting interest overruled my brain.

3. Seahawks-Washington Football Team:

If I labeled this game Seattle-Washington it would have seemed like a northwest location. Seattle was up 20-3 in the fourth quarter. Washington scored a touchdown but missed the extra point. Their drive started from inside the Washington 5. Seattle then drove down inside Washington’s 40. Wilson was picked off on first down. Seattle seemed destined to go up by at least 14. I had bought it down to 5.5. Washington scored another touchdown but went for two and missed.

Seattle punted it back to Washington. The Seahawks forced a fumble. It was recovered at Washington’s 27. Announcer Kenny Albert stated that Seattle had recovered. They didn’t. Just a tease and false hope. Seattle would have been in field goal range. Washington eventually failed on fourth down. Wilson took knees to end it. The game finished 20-15. I needed to buy another point or go ML. This was the week after Washington burned me with that San Fran game.

2. San Diego State-BYU:

Yet another contest that SVP featured. Three second half San Diego State possessions inside BYU’s 10 produced zero points. Long drives that resulted in nothing but time off the clock. This over should have hit easily. One ridiculous play after another. Even a slight tease on what could have been ruled a fumble but was not. I also lost on BYU giving points, so it was a double whammy. At least one seemed like a lock with so many first half points. In retrospect, teasing this game would have been profitable. Do yourself a favor and watch the video.

1. Warriors-Kings:

Yes, this was a preseason NBA game. I don’t care. The money counts equally, and this was a brutal loss. Golden State actually took the game seriously. At least part of it. The Warriors stormed back from 19 down. Golden State was really too emotional. The Warriors were hit with a technical foul late in the fourth quarter when leading 110-106. Golden State was then up 113-109 with less than a minute remaining. The Warriors could have gone up by five but missed the second of two free throws. Sacramento scored with about 30 seconds left and trailed 113-111.

You could see it coming. Golden State missed. Sacramento had just enough time to win it. The Kings were obviously not playing for overtime. Kyle Guy hit the game winning shot from downtown as time expired. I had Golden State -125. The Warriors were a slight favorite, but I found out that Sacramento went off as the favorite.

I could have won with a better line if my bet was placed later. Salt in the wound. I still can’t believe that they probably lost this game because of a taunting technical due to being overly thrilled about a preseason comeback. Sacramento hosted Golden State again two days later. I was disgusted and wanted no part of the rematch. This time, Golden State won. 

Madden is FINALLY Upgrading Franchise Mode (Sort Of, and Also It Might Take Years)

We worked so hard for this moment. All it took was weeks, months, years of publicly slandering Madden and EA for the way that they comprehensively and systematically ruined Franchise Mode. Specifically, I’m not sure that they did anything actively to kill the mode (I have not bought a Madden since 2012, as the first signs of a reckoning were upon us), but rather ignored Franchise Mode in it’s entirety all while promoting “brand new features” and “up to date, ultra realistic graphics” that were essentially just a more in-depth sweat generators and increased fatigue on long runs.

Franchise mode is beloved by die-hard Madden fans, many of whom grew up without online play and wanted a break from exhibition games against the AI. For years, this portion of the game has laid stagnant all while EA promotes Ultimate Team in search of those sweet, sweet in game purchases. Trading was never fixed (seriously, it was impossible to trade whenever I’d snag a game at my buddy’s house), the in game physics are constantly broken, and it just was not that fun. Years of mismanaging this mode in favor of Ultimate Team and the quest for a more functional spin move have festered frustration in fans of the game for years.

That frustration came to a head about a month ago, when fans of the game (including several players) came forward in a campaign to get EA to #FixFranchiseMode. After years of pent up frustrations came to the fore, Madden finally issued a statement on the matter.

It was a sincere effort at letting people know they were heard, and appreciated. But words meant so much, only actions would truly mean anything. Today, just over a month on, EA announced upgrades and updates to Franchise Mode for today and Madden 2022.

The reason that they are focusing a lot on 2022 is naturally that the latest iteration of the game is due to drop soon and it’s simply too late to scrap it and update everything. So, they let us know their plans moving forward; what are the notable changes possibly coming over the next couple of years?

-Fixing trading logic

-Engine enhancements (heard this one before)

-Team chemistry

-Increased content such as management, relocating, new uniforms, scouting, and coaching improvements

What does this mean exactly? Well, it might lead to a deeper Franchise Mode, which would be excellent given that the mode has been heavily criticized for being very surface level. It might make the game make more sense, which, sure. Overall, I’m not sure there are a ton of improvements coming. What can not get overlooked is that this was possible because they finally listened to the people and are open to criticism. That’s a tough first step to make and an important one. It kind of reminds me of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, where fan backlash made the film re-animate entirely. The effort is there and that’s a big step. I don’t think this is a groundbreaking change to the game and I’m not sure that it’s enough to get a lot of people back into Madden, especially with minimal changes coming this year. But a brighter future *might* just lie ahead for Madden, one where they have a deeper, more meaningful gaming experience.

It’s not much, for now, but it’s a start. FIFA, we’re coming for your broken ass Manager Career Mode next.

The Official DMR 2020 NFL Mock Draft Featuring Brandon Trager & Brian Trainor

While much of the country’s been in quarantine for more than a month, we have finally dragged our feet to make it to draft week. This NFL Draft will be unlike any other before, as the entire process will be fully virtual.

Just think about New York Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman on his 2007 Acer laptop and 100 unorganized Post-it Notes trying to make sure he gets the team’s pick to the league in time. Schefter already said there’s been technical difficulties with the official practice draft, so we could be in for some fun.

Both of my fellow draft experts Brandon “Peter Schrager” Trager and Brian “Mr. F-45” Trainor have taken a break from freaking out about their upcoming weddings to give you the best mock around.


Dive into the full first round to see whose name your squad will be calling below, or your money back guaranteed.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Trainor: Joe Burrow – QB, LSU

Not much to say other than the best single season in College football history. Burrow showed incredible accuracy, poise, anticipation and escapability. Other than that, he is just a freakin competitor.

Trager: Joe Burrow – QB, LSU

I don’t remember another QB in my lifetime making this type of turn around. Every single game Joe Burrow played, he was unstoppable. He turned a consistently offensively challenged LSU team into an offense that defenses had no answer for. That was by far the most consistent QB play I’ve ever seen in college. As long as the Bengals don’t royally screw this up (and they may), I believe there’s no doubt Burrow will be a perennial pro bowler for years to come.

LTS: Joe Burrow – QB, LSU

2. Washington Redskins

Trainor: Chase Young – Edge, Ohio State

Do I think he’s as good as the Bosa brothers? No. But he is by far the best edge rusher in this draft. Can’t wait for the Giants to attempt to block this man for 10 years.

Trager: Chase Young – Edge, Ohio State

When I think Chase Young, I think about a high motor player that does not stop working. He plays the run, and as an elite pass rusher. Watching him play this year, he was all over the field from sideline to sideline. Young seems like a can’t miss prospect, someone that new head coach Ron Rivera is surely salivating over.

LTS: Chase Young – Edge, Ohio State

Ohio State's 62-14 Win over Maryland in 15 Amazing GIFs | Eleven ...

3. Detroit Lions

Trainor: Jeffrey Okudah – CB, Ohio State

Detroit tries to trade back from this pick, but Miami and Chargers feel comfortable staying put. I personally think they should draft Derrick Brown, but Bob Quinn and Patricia are drafting for their jobs and will take the safe approach.

Trager: Jeffrey Okudah – CB, Ohio State

I’d like to take this moment to thank the Lions for knowing they’ll get Okudah, so therefore trading their Pro Bowl corner to The Philadelphia Eagles. Darius Slay will be a great fit. Oh back to the Lions, Okudah is a dominant corner who should make an impact right away…except for the fact that it’s the Lions. #ForeverMediocre

LTS: Jeffrey Okudah – CB, Ohio State

4. New York Giants

Trainor: Jedrick Wills – OT, Alabama

THE BEST OT IN THE DRAFT. BY FAR. I’ve watched all of the OTs film from this past year and Wills has the best feet and hands I have ever seen from a OT prospect. Needs to improve on blocking in space, but I think this is the smarter pick for the Giants. Need to protect Jones and Saquon.

Trager: Tristan Wirfs – OT, Iowa

F the Giants, oh whoops, sorry this is supposed to be unbiased. I think Dave Gettleman is an absolute joke, and that opinion isn’t because I hate the Giants, he just is. (S/O Big Dave as a former PE teacher turned NFL GM though, smh). Back to the pick, I killed Dave last year not for the Jones pick, but where he got him. However, I’ll give him this, Jones looked like a legit NFL starter.

Now, with that being said, looking back to 2018 the G Men still should have Sam Darnold not Saquon Barkley. They will be in the same crap predicament all of these teams are who took RB’s in the 1st round. The 2nd contract Barkley’s gets will kill them, and the Giants will still be average. Ok for real, back to the pick. Many “experts” have the Giants picking Simmons. And Simmons is nasty. But DAVE doesn’t care what y’all think! Gettleman invested in Jones, so it’s only right that he gets a big tough guy to protect him. Wirfs is just that. Plug and play to protect Jones. You’re still a joke, Dave. 

LTS: Isaiah Simmons – LB, Clemson

5. Miami Dolphins

Trainor: Justin Herbert – QB, Oregon

Dolphins play it safe and draft their franchise QB. They will regret not drafting Tua for years and years. Simple as that.

Trager: Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama

January 8th, 2018, Tua Tagovaiola was born. No, seriously. I will never forget watching Alabama and Clemson in that National Championship. EVERYONE was thinking, “if only Alabama had a QB that could throw the football (sorry Jalen Hurts).” Then came Tua to the rescue, leading a perfect comeback.To cap it off, who can forget the Dilfer dime dropped from the sky to Smith for the W. Since then, when Tua is on the field, he has been nothing short of a stud.

Let me make this very clear: as Wayne Gretzky once said, “you miss 100% of shots you don’t take.” As Dot once said, “Shooters shoot.” I can go on and on. Here’s the point: you don’t pass on Tua. I don’t care how many injury concerns there are. We have seen how fast a franchise QB can turn around a franchise in a year. Tua won’t flop because of talent, it’ll be because of injury. And I can live with that. This dude is a stud, checks every single box you want in a QB. You can’t pass this man up. If I’m any team with a question at QB, I’m swinging for the fences. The season started with the Dolphins #TankingForTua, they better hope they get him.

Tua Tagovailoa | Official Alabama Highlights ᴴᴰ GIF | Gfycat

LTS: Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama

6. Los Angeles Chargers

Trainor: Tua Tagovailoa – QB, Alabama

Chargers will get a steal here with Tua. He will change their culture around. He will rest behind Tyrod for a year and then take over for years to come. Watch out for the Chargers in the next couple of years.

Trager: Justin Herbert – QB, Oregon

I can’t take credit for what I’m about to say, nor do I remember who I should give the credit to, but I was listening to the radio the other day and someone stated the perfect comparison for what Justin Herbert will be: Josh Allen. Checks off all the boxes you want in a QB: tall, strong arm, mobile. He’ll probably be good enough to be a starter. But is that good enough? As the person said on the radio, BESIDES the Bills, how many teams would be dying to make Allen their QB right now. Is this what you want for your franchise QB? I don’t want to kill Herbert, he may be a stud. But every time I saw him play, nothing popped. He never looked like the top 5 QB he was always talked about being. We’ll see. For now, enjoy Josh Allen – what Justin Herbert will be.

Let’s take a look back at the 2020 NFL playoffs. 1 minute to go, Bills going for the tie or win. Let me present you, Josh Allen:

LTS: Justin Herbert – QB, Oregon

7. Carolina Panthers

Trainor: Isaiah Simmons – LB, Clemson

Athletic freak of nature. That is all you have to say about Simmons. He will make a defense instantly better, but I do think he is a little overrated. He doesn’t make plays that you would like your linebackers to make and he doesn’t make plays that you would like a safety to make. He is very fast north and south, but doesn’t have that quick twitch burst.

Isaiah Simmons 2020 NFL Draft Profile

Trager: Isaiah Simmons – LB, Clemson

Isaiah Simmons is a beast. Period. End of story. He has insane versatility for a defensive coordinator. It’s ironic that I have Simmons falling here, because the last player I remember people talking about with this versatility is Shaq Thompson (Panthers 25th pick in 2015 draft). Thompson wasn’t as highly regarded as Simmons, but has turned out real well for them. With the departure of Luke Kuechly, insert Simmons who can play any LB position on the field, as well as rush the passer. It’s hard to replace Kuechly, but Simmons should be a plug and play star for the Panthers. Matt Rhule, let’s see what you got.

LTS: Derrick Brown – DT, Auburn

8. Arizona Cardinals

Trainor: Tristan Wirfs – OT, Iowa

Arizona could go many different ways here. They could trade back or take DT Derrick Brown, but I think they take an OT that fits them perfectly in Wirfs. He is athletic enough to get out on the edge to help Kingsbury’s offensive system.

Trager: Mekhi Becton – OT, Louisville 

When you think Mekhi Becton, you think about a freakishly athletic BIG MAN. 6’7 370 and he ran a 5.1 40! Well let’s take a look at the Arizona Cardinals 1st pick in the draft from last year… freakishly Athletic QB! Let’s team up this year’s most athletic lineman with a QB that needs protection to throw the football to the likes of..DeAndre Hopkins. I expect the Cardinals to protect their franchise QB as they look to take a big step next season.

LTS: Jedrick Wills – OT, Alabama

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

Trainor: *Buccaneers Trade With Jaguars* – Andrew Thomas – OT, Georgia

Tampa Trades up and protects TOM! The most NFL ready LT to keep Tom off his ass. Bucs are in a win now type of mindset and they will do whatever it takes.

Trager: Jerry Jeudy – WR, Alabama

MINSHEWMANIA. All jokes aside, I was impressed with Gardner Minshew. I don’t think his ceiling is higher than an average starting QB, but hey, they found a steal for a 6th round draft pick nobody had heard of. I still think the Jags could go QB if they’re sitting here, or they may even trade up. I’m sure if they don’t draft one, they’ll be in the veteran QB market to push Minshew. Regardless, let’s go with Jerry Jeudy here, who I believe is one of the safer players in this draft. Jeudy’s route running is incredible, and he has good speed as well. He has put up extremely consistent, productive #’s at Alabama, and his game transfers to make an immediate impact in the NFL. Give Minshew a stud WR, and maybe he’ll turn out like another 6th round QB who just changed teams?

Alabama Crimson Tide Jerry Jeudy GIF - AlabamaCrimsonTide ...

LTS: Tristan Wirfs – OT, Iowa

10. Cleveland Browns

Trainor: *Broncos Trade With Browns* – CeeDee Lamb – WR, Oklahoma

Trager: Jedrick Wills – OT, Alabama

Jedrick Wills Jr. is most likely the most “NFL ready” lineman in this draft. Shocker, he’s an Alabama product. The Browns have a ton of offensive weapons, and a solid defense. They need to protect the QB they’ve invested a lot in. Wills will step in, with the hopes of replacing the likes of Joe Thomas at the tackle position. If the Browns can put what’s on paper, onto the field, they have the “chance” to be “real good”.

LTS: Mekhi Becton – OT, Louisville

11. New York Jets 

Trainor: Mekhi Becton – OT, Louisville

Trager: CeeDee Lamb – WR, Oklahoma

I said I was only going to do the first 10 write ups, but this is the Lord’s team, LordTreeSap. The Jets could easily go OL here (Jedrick Wills Jr.), but c’mon give Darnold a weapon, and let the kid fly. I’m a huge Sam Darnold believer, and I think we’ll look back thinking the Jets got not only the steal of the 2018 draft, but the steal of NY (sorry again, Giants).

CeeDee Lamb is an absolute stud. He is a complete receiver who can literally do it all. You can’t judge a QB until you put SOMETHING around him. Gase will continue to hold the Jets back (GET RID OF THE MAN), but Lamb should help mask some of Gase’s deficiencies. I think Sap will like this one (He does). 

Best Ceedee Lamb GIFs | Gfycat

LTS: Andrew Thomas – OT, Georgia

I’ll hop in here to write a few things about our beloved Jets. Joe Douglas showed he’s going to be a prudent spender when it comes to free agents, which resulted in a bargain shopping off-season — something fans weren’t used to in recent years with the frivolous Mike Maccagnan.

When Robby Anderson bolted for Carolina, he left a huge hole at wide receiver, but I still think Douglas opts for any of the top four tackles to bolster a revamped o-line. Between his lineman background and making a promise to the Darnold family that he would do everything in his power to protect Sam, Thomas has to be the pick here, while a deep WR class takes a backseat until the second round.

12. Las Vegas Raiders 

Trainor: Jerry Jeudy – WR, Alabama

Trager: C.J. Henderson – CB, Florida

LTS: CeeDee Lamb – WR, Oklahoma

13. San Francisco 49ers 

Trainor: *Falcons Trade With 49ers* – C.J. Henderson – CB, Florida

Trager: Derrick Brown – DT, Auburn

LTS: Henry Ruggs – WR, Alabama 

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Trainor: *Jaguars Pick Swap With Buccaneers* – Derrick Brown – DT, Auburn

Trager: Andrew Thomas – OT, Georgia

LTS: Joshua Jones – OT, Houston

15. Denver Broncos 

Trainor: *Browns Trade With Broncos* – Ezra Cleveland – OT, Boise State

Trager: Henry Ruggs – WR, Alabama

LTS: Jerry Jeudy – WR, Alabama

16. Atlanta Falcons

Trainor: *Falcons Pick Swap With 49ers* – Henry Ruggs – WR, Alabama 

Trager: K’Lavon Chaisson – Edge, LSU

LTS: C.J. Henderson – CB, Florida

17. Dallas Cowboys

Trainor: K’Lavon Chaisson – Edge, LSU

Trager: Xavier McKinney – Safety, Alabama

LTS: K’Lavon Chaisson – Edge, LSU

18. Miami Dolphins

Trainor: *Saints Trade With Dolphins* – Jordan Love – QB, Utah State

Trager: Javon Kinlaw – DT, South Carolina

LTS: Austin Jackson – OT, USC

19. Las Vegas Raiders 

Trainor: A.J. Terrell – CB, Clemson

Trager: Jordan Love – QB, Utah State

LTS: Xavier McKinney – Safety, Alabama

20. Jacksonville Jaguars

Trainor: Jaylon Johnson – CB, Utah

Trager: A.J. Epenesa – Edge, Iowa

LTS: Javon Kinlaw – DT, South Carolina

21. Philadelphia Eagles 

Trainor: Justin Jefferson – WR, LSU

Trager: Justin Jefferson – WR, LSU

I know what you’ve all been waiting for. My take on the Eagles 21st pick in the draft. It’s no secret, everyone has the Eagles going receiver here. And they should. We need to give Carson weapons. If ANY OF YOU doubted the legend Carson Wentz, just look back to what he did at the end of last season. How many QB’s could have taken those Eagles offensive weapons to the playoffs? If Carson doesn’t get concussed in the first quarter, the Eagles win that game. Ok rant over.

As bad as I want a receiver, we desperately need help at LB which we’ve needed for the past few seasons. Our DLine is beast as always, and we have improved secondary depth (despite the massive loss of Malcom Jenkins). Therefore, I would not be upset at all if Kenneth Murray was here and we scooped him up. He’s going to be a stud.

Let’s go with Justin Jefferson who has had 2 very productive seasons in a row, including an unbelievable 2019 in which he had 111 catches for 1,540 yards and 18 TD’s. He can play in the slot, as well as on the outside. He has good hands, speed, and size. No brainer here. A security blanket who will make an immediate impact for Carson right away.

Top 30 Justin Jefferson GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

LTS: Justin Jefferson – WR, LSU

22. Minnesota Vikings 

Trainor: Joshua Jones – OT, Houston

Trager: Tee Higgins – WR, Clemson

LTS: A.J. Terrell – CB, Clemson

23. New England Patriots 

Trainor: *Titans Trade With Patriots* Javon Kinlaw – DT, South Carolina

Trager: Kenneth Murray – LB, Oklahoma

LTS: Jordan Love – QB, Utah State

24. New Orleans Saints 

Trainor: *Dolphins Pick Swap With Saints* – Xavier McKinney – Safety, Alabama

Trager: A.J. Terrell – CB, Clemson

LTS: Kenneth Murray – LB, Oklahoma

25. Minnesota Vikings

Trainor: Denzel Mims – WR, Baylor

Trager: Trevon Diggs – CB, Alabama

LTS: Brandon Aiyuk – WR, Arizona St. 

26. Miami Dolphins 

Trainor: Austin Jackson – OT, USC

Trager: Antoine Winfield Jr. – CB/S, Minnesota

LTS: Patrick Queen – LB, LSU

27. Seattle Seahawks

Trainor: Yetur Gross-Matos – Edge, Penn State

Trager: Yetur Gross-Matos – Edge, Penn State

LTS: A.J. Epenesa – Edge, Iowa

28. Baltimore Ravens

Trainor: Robert Hunt – Guard, Louisiana 

Trager: Patrick Queen – LB, LSU

LTS: Cesar Ruiz – C/G, Michigan

29. Tennessee Titans 

Trainor: *Patriots Pick Swap With Titans* A.J. Epenesa – Edge, Iowa

Trager: Joshua Jones – OT, Houston

LTS: Jaylon Johnson – CB, Utah

30. Green Bay Packers

Trainor: *Giants Trade With Packers* – Kenneth Murray – LB, Oklahoma

Trager: Denzel Mims – WR, Baylor

LTS: Ezra Cleveland – OT, Boise State

31. San Francisco 49ers

Trainor: Isaiah Wilson – OT, Georgia

Trager: Brandon Aiyuk – WR, Arizona State

LTS: Ross Blacklock – DT, TCU

32. Kansas City Chiefs

Trainor: Kristian Fulton – CB, LSU

Trager: D’Andre Swift – RB, Georgia 

LTS: D’Andre Swift – RB, Georgia




















Brian Trainor’s Official 2019 NFL Mock Draft

*** Guest Appearance from THE Brian Trainor***

LordTreeSap: Brian Trainor was the NFL Draft guru when we were coming up as kids. I’m happy to see he’s taken some time off from F-45 and rededicated himself to the game as Mel Kiper’s disciple once again.

After sending countless mocks and telling me about how he’s watched every pass that future Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has ever thrown, I figured we’d raise the stakes and let the public in on Trainor’s football genius.


The entire first round mock is filled with trades, so make sure you’re following along or you could easily get lost in the Trainor madness.

1. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB – Oklahoma

Image result for kyler murray cardinals

2. San Francisco 49ers – Nick Bosa, Edge – Ohio State

3. New York Jets – Quinnen Williams, DT – Alabama

4. Oakland Raiders – Josh Allen, Edge – Kentucky

Image result for josh allen kentucky

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Devin White, LB – LSU

6. New York Giants – Ed Oliver, DT – Houston

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jonah Williams, OL – Alabama

**Trade With Detroit Lions** 8. Washington Redskins – Dwayne Haskins, QB – Ohio State

giphy (68).gif

**Trade With Buffalo Bills** 9. Green Bay Packers – T.J. Hockenson, TE – Iowa

10. Denver Broncos – Drew Lock, QB – Missouri

11. Cincinnati Bengals – Devin Bush, LB – Michigan

12. Buffalo Bills – Jawaan Taylor, OT – Florida

13. Miami Dolphins – Montez Sweat, Edge – Mississippi State

14. Atlanta Falcons – Cody Ford, Guard – Oklahoma

15. Detroit Lions – Rashan Gary, DL – Michigan

16. Carolina Panthers – Andre Dillard, OT – Washington State

17. New York Giants – Brian Burns, Edge – Florida State

Image result for brian burns fsu

18. Minnesota Vikings – Garrett Bradbury, Center – North Carolina State

19. Tennessee Titans – Christian Wilkins, DT – Clemson

20. Pittsburgh Steelers – Greedy Williams, CB – LSU

21. Seattle Seahawks – Clelin Ferrell, Edge – Clemson

**Trade With Baltimore Ravens** 22. Oakland Raiders – Noah Fant, TE – Iowa

23. Houston Texans – Greg Little, OT – Mississippi

24. Baltimore Ravens – Marquise Brown, WR – Oklahoma

giphy (70).gif

25. Philadelphia Eagles – Johnathan Abram, Safety – Mississippi State

26. Indianapolis Colts – Dexter Lawrence, DT – Clemson

27. Oakland Raiders – Byron Murphy, CB – Washington

28. Los Angeles Chargers – DeAndre Baker, CB – Georgia

29. Seattle Seahawks – Rock Ya-Sin, CB – Temple

Image result for rock ya sin

30. Green Bay Packers – Dalton Risner, OL – Kansas State

31. Los Angeles Rams – Jeffery Simmons, DT – Mississippi State

**Trade With New England Patriots** 32. New York Giants – Daniel Jones, QB – Dukegiphy (71).gif

Breaking: The Giants Have Traded Odell Beckham Jr. To The Browns

Odell Beckham, aka the Giants best player on the roster and the most talented player since Lawrence Taylor, has been traded to the Browns.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I hate this trade. What the hell is Dave Gettleman doing? WHAT IS HE DOING? He is Phil Jackson with the Knicks. It’s his last job and he’s doing whatever the hell he wants because he’ll collect a pay check at the end of the day.

I can’t even put a competent thought together. I’m so mad right now. Full blog with my complete thoughts will be out tomorrow. I will not sleep tonight.

Breaking the Bank: Here’s My New York Jets Free Agency Wish List

With the NFL’s tampering period beginning at noon ET on Monday, look for the Jets to be active with an excess of $80 million in cap space to spend on prized free agents. Remember, nothing can become official until the new league year begins on Wednesday at 4 pm ET.

Jets fans have been waiting for this day for a long time, really since the roster purge began two winters ago, ridding the team of veteran staples like Brandon Marshall, Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis, and David Harris.

Expect general manager Mike Maccagnan to be very busy, as I assume we’ll hear about the Jets being “connected to” many of the big names free agents, especially in positions with a major need that should be addressed.

The Jets got off to the right foot on Sunday, acquiring former All-Pro guard Kelechi Osemele from the Raiders. Gang Green hasn’t had a mauler like that inside since bringing over Alan Faneca back in 2008. Without further ado, here is who I’d like to see NYJ sign this week.

cut (1)

LeVeon Bell: The 26-year-old made the polarizing decision to sit out the entire 2018 season unless the Steelers met his steep long-term contract demands. Pittsburgh decided to pass with John Conner in the wings. The Jets should be major players for Bell along with the Ravens and Colts, as the former Michigan State Spartan would immediately revolutionize a Jet offense with a dual threat playmaker we haven’t seen since the days of Curtis Martin. I’d expect his contract numbers to be in the ball park of Todd Gurley’s 4/$60 million extension. Other options: Tevin Coleman, Mark Ingram

giphy (66).gif

Golden Tate: It’s no secret slot receiver is a huge void on the Jets’ depth chart, along with not having a true No. 1 on the outside. This crop of free agents at WR should allow the Jets to fill the need in the slot and get by with a core of Enunwa, Anderson, and Herndon at TE. Golden Tate fits the bill perfectly, as a veteran who knows how to move the chains efficiently. I could also see the Jets going with a cheaper, younger option as well with Tate turning 31, like Adam Humphries, Cole Beasley, or Jamison Crowder.

giphy (67).gif

Trey Flowers: Maccagnan better do whatever he can to plug the gaping hole at edge rusher, which the Jets have been without really ever since dealing John Abraham to Atlanta over a decade ago. Trey Flowers had an awesome year up in New England, who fittingly opted not to pay the 25-year-old. Flowers became an analytics darling and should earn himself one of the most lucrative contracts cut this week. Other options on the Jets board should include the recently released Justin Houston and Anthony Barr. 

Matt Paradis/Mitch Morse: The Jets quickly realized their grave mistake of signing Spencer Long to play center last free agency, who was eventually benched by the mid-point of the year, as he seemed to botch multiple snaps to Darnold just about every game.

As Jets fans, admittedly, we’ve been a spoiled bunch with Nick Mangold and Kevin Mawae captaining the ship for the better part of my childhood. Maccagnan can right his wrong by going out and paying either of the top centers on the market with the Broncos moving on from Matt Paradis or ex-Chief Mitch Morse.

Image result for bryce callahan

Bryce Callahan: Bryce Callahan might not have been the most well-known player on the vaunted Bears defense, but opposing quarterbacks always had him in mind. Callahan posted one of the best grades as a corner, according to PFF in 2018. With Skrine (thank god) and Claiborne’s departures looking likely, Callahan would fill the void left at slot corner quite nicely, especially with Trumaine Johnson’s struggles on the outside last year. Other options: LaMarcus Joyner, Kevin Johnson, Jason Verrett, Ronald Darby.