Wait a Second, I Can Bet On Sports Now?

I don’t think there is anything more overblown than all this nonsense about sports betting becoming legal. People are so stupid. The hosts have a pretty good idea of what’s going on, but even they aren’t completely keyed in. Mike Francesa thinks he needs to explain live betting, and of course, does a poor job of doing it. People have been doing that for over ten years. Mike said it is only during breaks. That is the most popular time, but it depends on your site and the game. You can call somebody or use a phone to log in.

I hear about how people could possibly bet right from a stadium. As if I didn’t call in a second-half wager from Giants Stadium in 2005. All the changes are things that most people don’t care about. It might be more accepted. The total number of people betting could increase. Money might go to or come from a different place. You would think we are going from legal wagering to illegal betting. That would be a story. I guess most people have no clue how gambling works, and I’m sure they don’t realize how rampant it is.

Suppose there is a controversial call and somebody lost 100 bucks. More people will think the games are fixed. I just heard that one. Good point. I don’t think there has ever been a controversial call that resulted in someone losing 100 dollars. Talk about opening Pandora’s box. Right up there with speculation that now athletes or officials will bet.

Think about this. There are different ways to place a bet. Now, somebody who is a popular public figure will wager in public. Even if they had a friend or relative do it, that would probably get out with social media.

Call me crazy, but I think that would probably be done on a site. As Francesa has always said, your local guy offers credit. Any new law or ability to wager legally will not put those people out of business. I just heard another great caller. College players should get paid because there is now more opportunity for fraud. Let me get this straight. You pay someone under the table, but then bet in public? Any large wagers will likely be monitored closely.

Another thing I hear is that people will become addicted to gambling. That does not happen with lotteries, casinos, and whatever else is out there today. I didn’t even get into fantasy sports. Scraping up 50 bucks and going to a window could really do you in. Much more than betting hundreds when you have nothing in your pocket. By the way, teenagers have bookies. Plus, they take bets. Don’t be naive and think otherwise.


I look forward to more ridiculous points and foolish questions. Sports betting was already here to stay (and growing) way before all of this came into public discussion. Educate yourself. Don’t add to the stupidity.

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